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Hello! My name is Talia and I am an artist, musician, and designer living in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband and two cats. This is a diary of my personal style, home design, and thoughts on life — and death.

My main interests on this blog are slow fashion, mindful living, and minimalism with character and a focus on sustainability. The brands and designers I favor tend to be sustainability and ethics-focused, but I’m also a big fan of shopping vintage and secondhand as well as mending and making your own things. Or not shopping at all! I try to take joy in simplicity and small details.

Most importantly, this blog is a space where I can process my emotions and feelings, whether or not they have to do with style.

A lot of my thoughts on living minimally are informed by grieving the death of my mom in 2013. Nothing like being confronted by impermanence to make you want to lead a more unburdened life, am I right? Her influence in life and in death is something I carry with me every day. So you'll read here about keeping a conscious closet, but also occasionally about grief and mental health.

I've always enjoyed reading about others' experiences of the world and how that dovetails with the daily ritual of dressing, and I hope that you may find something meaningful here as well.

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I write about my experiences (positive and negative) with many designers and sustainable clothing brands but include affiliate links for Everlane and Nisolo. This means if you purchase anything from these two brands after clicking through from this website, I will earn a small commission that will go to offset the overhead of maintaining a blog. My attitude is “it’s nice if it helps,” but have no expectation of profit, so you can be assured that I’m not writing fluff pieces purely for personal gain.

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