Hello! My name is Talia and I am an artist, musician, and designer living in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband and two cats. This is a diary of my personal style, slow fashion, and grief — with other oddball bits of home design and reflections on living thrown in for good measure.

By day, I work as a graphic designer at a theater company. The rest of the time is filled with a mix of home renovation projects, working in my West End design studio, The Distance, and of course blogging here about style and clothing!

While I don't keep a capsule wardrobe, I do try to keep the size of my wardrobe smaller than the average American consumer. I try to make ethical and sustainable choices in my closet and in my everyday life. Thinking harder and longer before making purchases, thinking about what the longer term impact of a given choice might be on the environment and society — these are my goals for living a more sustainable life. 

Minimalism in it's truest form — live better with less shit — lays the groundwork for many of my philosophies on living. Having fewer things around means fewer distractions from what I really want to focus on in my life.

A lot of my thoughts on living this way are informed by the process of grieving the death of my mom in 2013 — nothing like being confronted by impermanence to make you want to lead a more meaningful, unburdened life! Her influence in life and in death is something I carry with me every day. So you'll read a lot here about keeping a conscious closet, but also occasionally about grief and anxiety. Fun, right?

I've always enjoyed reading about others' experiences of the world and how that dovetails with the daily ritual of dressing, and I hope that you may find something meaningful here as well.



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