Rachel Comey Lure Pants Review

Rachel Comey Lure Pants Review

I didn't buy these pants on purpose.

What happened was, I ordered a shirt online, one I'd been coveting that was sold out in so many places. But when the blouse showed up in the mail, it was too big, so I sent it back.

TWIST, it turns out there was a makeup mark on the blouse from when I tried it on. Boo. 

The boutique told me that they sent it to the cleaners, but the mark didn't come out completely, so they could only offer me store credit instead of a refund. And although I have a hard time believing any makeup I could have been wearing would leave a permanent mark, I was very appreciative of their offer of store credit—shout out to We Are Iconic.

Present as pretty normal pants, but with gorgeous details.

Present as pretty normal pants, but with gorgeous details.

The only problem was, they didn't have the blouse in the size I needed. I kind of panicked—the shirt wasn't cheap, and I didn't really need anything else! What was I going to do with all that store credit? But then I saw these pants. The Lure pants by Rachel Comey.

I'd seen these pants weeks before in my online window shopping, and had pinned them to my style board. I liked them—a lot. A nice high rise. Made in USA. The cut I'd been looking for—relaxed but tapered—and while the fabric was a 100% cotton, it was marked as a lightweight denim, so probably not constricting like so many of the terrible 100% cotton jeans getting pushed on the market right now (stretch denim is a GOOD thing y'all). They seemed like they might fit my short torso/long legs pear body really well.

So I went for it. Somehow it was a perfectly even exchange. Three days later, the Rachel Comey Lure pants in the dark indigo wash showed up in the mail. I put them on and immediately left the house to meet a friend for dinner. I've worn them probably a dozen times since then and love everything about them. Everything I hoped for came true.

Do they make my butt look big? Maybe, but I like it.

Do they make my butt look big? Maybe, but I like it.

I had waffled between ordering size 2 or 4, but eventually went with 4, and I'm glad I did. Some boutiques list the rise as 11" but I pulled out my tape measure today and, going from where all the seams meet in the crotch to where they button at the waist, it's actually 12", which is my golden perfection rise. The waist band itself goes a little higher  than where they button, flaring just slightly in the style of a paperbag waist, so it presents as a truly super high rise pant.  It's possible they've stretched since I bought them and washed them, but if so, it can't have been that much.

The waist itself measured at 14.25" flat, and the pants come with a matching denim skinny belt. Without the belt, the pants fit me perfectly with just a little bit of breathing room at the waist, nothing crazy. With the belt cinched to the third hole, they are a beautifully snug fit.

The more relaxed cut in the thighs and leg is great since I often struggle with things that fit in the waist but are too tight in the hips. They measure here at 20" across the hip flat. The inseam is quite long at 33", which I thought might be problematic, but the pants look great cuffed to 28". 

With tops tucked in, they are a fantastically understated statement pant. Understated because they read as fairly normal jeans, but a statement because of the unique details, like the somewhat curved pockets and the front center seaming and piecework. That's my kind of statement, haha. The non-statement statement. I normally feel self-conscious in anything too exuberant, so these are a wonderful balance of thoughtful design with vaguely traditional styling. Untuck your top and they become even more versatile. 

Looking forward to summer when I'm sure they will be an excellent lightweight alternative to regular skinny jeans. They certainly weren't cheap, but I feel it's the perfect example of investing in an item that you LOVE to wear, that goes with everything and will last for years. I'm even wearing them right now!


My measurements of the Lure pants by Rachel Comey (size 4)

  • 14.25" waist (flat)
  • 20" hip (flat)
  • 12" rise
  • 33" inseam, cuff to 28"

(See My Measurements Here)




Would wear again

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As I continue to review things, I want to make clear that I'm not out to sell stuff to you or make a buck. I try to link to the designer's site and I don't make any money off clicks. I talk about things that are actually in my closet and will honestly assess whether they are serving my needs.

I just read this post by Michelle at Dr. It Girl where she talks about authenticity and the idea that she appreciates when reviews are more about sharing style and what works with my body rather than pushing consumerism. It actually made me feel a lot better about my mirror/camera phone pictures too, especially since earlier this morning I read posting guidelines for the Female Fashion Advice reddit and immediately felt shame at my mirror selfies.

Well shame no more! This isn't to say I don't want or appreciate nice photos and design, it's just that I think with the over-share Instagram culture there's a pressure to always present the most picturesque version of ourselves, when in reality I don't have a paparazzi-level photography team following me through life. Maybe it would be different if I wanted this blog to be my livelihood, but at this point, all I want is just a place to share real things to real people.