APR 16–22, 2018


April 16, 2018

Chilly day, so I stuck with long sleeves, long pants, and boots. The top is an old one from Ann Taylor, it's a stretchy crepe polyester so I hoped it would be good for my excessive sweating — maybe the sweat would dry faster? It's interesting to me that I love the cut and shape of this shirt but haven't worn it lately because of the material... now I am wearing it BECAUSE of the material. Haha.



April 17, 2018

Sorry Stuart is covering this up a little. It's just a black shirt. Actually it isn't completely basic, it's got a little twist cutout detail in the back. I bought this shirt while I was in a little bit of an Amour Vert frenzy last year and I think it probably wasn't the best buy. I have another AV long sleeve black top I like more (just a plain v-neck) and I think I got wrapped up in the idea of elevated basics and forgot I had plenty of things already. I'm thinking about selling this top because I usually end up wearing a cardigan sweater over it, which covers up the back, which makes it just another black crew neck top.



April 18, 2018

ANOTHER black shirt this week. I've been trying to wear things that disguise my massive pit stains. This is a sleeveless top, which I think was helpful for pit dabbing and generally having less fabric touching my arm to get wet from the sweating. Tonight I try out Certain-dri anti-perspirant before bed.



April 19, 2018

Work from home casual today. I wore flats later when I went to take the car for an oil change. Everything about this was chosen for ease and comfort. The Certain-dri seems to be working! I did not sweat through this shirt.



April 20, 2018

This is another easy look. Love this stripe top over skinnies. Certain-dri continues to work well, although not quite as well as yesterday. It says it lasts for 72 hours, but I apply again tonight in an effort to stem further sweating.



April 21, 2018

Today I facilitated moving my childhood piano from my dad's house to a friends's house. Despite huffing around in a jacket all morning I did not sweat through this shirt! 



April 22, 2018

Ran errands in the morning, then had my mother in law down for lunch, then did work around the home. It was cold and rainy all day, so I eventually ended up in my Lauren Manoogian sweater by evening (of course).



Certain-Dri is the MVP from last week. I picked up the extra strength roll-on formula which calls for application before bed for an effect that should last 72 hours. I noticed the change immediately. It's weird, it seems like such a small thing to have excessive sweating but it really caused a lot of discomfort in my clothes.

So far I have not experienced any stinging or itching where I have applied it, but I worry a little about the long-term effects of the aluminum chloride (the active ingredient). The short term response is worth it for me though, so I'll continue using it while my body sorts out this anti-depressant side effect business.

Since I was up at my dad's this weekend I picked up another box of photos to pick though. This box is from about 1999 to 2006, prime awkward teen years. I'm toying with the idea of recreating some of my throwback outfits — but updated for a modern sensibility. I really don't know where I'd begin with this getup though:

Space camp! Horse sweatshirt, check. Wile E. Coyote converse, check.

Space camp! Horse sweatshirt, check. Wile E. Coyote converse, check.

Or how I would interpret this multi-layered necklace and lace look:

This isn't even "a lot" of necklaces for this era of Talia.

This isn't even "a lot" of necklaces for this era of Talia.

At any rate, looking at old photos has got me thinking more about incorporating vintage design into my closet. I've always loved vintage furniture and lighting but at a certain point stopped considering it for my clothes. I think because I got it into my head that vintage clothes are so colorful and character-ful, whereas I prefer a more neutral wardrobe. 

But now I'm a lot more open to the possibility of vintage. Over the weekend I looked at shoes and trousers on eBay and Etsy and discovered some neat things that still fit my aesthetic. In fact, a lot of the silhouettes I'm currently attracted to had their heyday 20 and 30 years ago. So why not go to the original? I'd like to do more in-person vintage shopping because it can be so hard to know what would fit online, and returns are harder too. But its undeniable that it's easier than ever to find cool, different things without ever leaving your home.

Vintage that's not as risky online? A bag or accessory. This weekend I bit the bullet and ordered another vintage Coach crossbody purse that will be big enough to cart around my sketchbook inside, which I'm pretty excited about. I love the simple style of a vintage Coach bag and they are built like tanks.

The little one I carry got a major bath and cleaning last week but still retains the oil spots. I'll continue to carry this bag when I just need something small for maybe a wallet and sweater, but I wanted something a little bigger for an upcoming trip where I'll be carting things around with me all day. I think the new addition will fill just the right gap. I'll also be phasing out another messenger style cross-body bag that I bought six years ago to carry my laptop but which I never really ended up using. One in, one out.

I've mentioned it before, but I have this visceral urge to not do what other people are doing, and what better way to be unique than to incorporate vintage, one-of-a-kind things into my repertoire? It can be done in a way that honors and enhances the established look I have going already. Kellie talked recently about the ubiquity of the "ethical fashion aesthetic," which I found spot on. It's easy to get caught up in the it items, but I don't want to look like everyone else!

Bonus: vintage can be less expensive than buying new. I can lust over a pair of Maryam Nassir Zadeh sandals all day long, but at $400ish dollars they are soooo expensive. But a vintage pair of sandals that maybe isn't exactly the same (or at all the same) but still satisfies some of the same requirements (beige, block heel) plus other unique features (ooo basket weave leather?)? For like, sub-$20? That's so doable. And they will be different. And, they already existed.

Do you incorporate vintage items into your wardrobe? How do you blend those items into the new, modern pieces without looking like you're wearing a costume?