APR 23–29, 2018


April 23, 2018

Here's the long sleeve Amour Vert top I prefer to the one I wore last week (Tuesday April 17, 2018). It's so basic but I like how it fits and drapes. A slimmer cut than the shirt with the cut-out, and properly long sleeves. I love a v-neck too, I think it's more flattering than a crew neck for my décolletage. 


Monday night

April 23, 2018

Chilly in the evening, so Lauren Manoogian sweater comes out yet again. Black tee peeks out underneath.




April 24, 2018

Pulled this sweater out of my "sell" pile. It's a basic fitted, striped, 3/4 length top in navy and beige from H&M. Used to belong to my mom. I think it fits my style but I decided to sell it a long time ago because I was in a very "must be all black all the time" phase, which I think is passing.


Tuesday night

April 24, 2018

Thought I'd change things up and layer on a different sweater for the evening. I liked the idea of matching my v-necks. This Everlane sweater is a wider v that tends to fall off my shoulders, but it sort of frames the stripes below in an interesting way. I think this is kind of a sloppy look and wouldn't wear it out of the house.



April 25, 2018

Jesse Kamm newton blouse! Finally nice weather I can wear this tencel top in. It's sort of hard to style because it has so much character with the notched lapels and wide sleeves that I cuff twice. Here I've just tucked into hi rise skinny jeans, which is pretty fail-safe, and paired with beige sneakers and bare ankles.



April 26, 2018

Work from home Thursday! I wanted to stay comfy and casual so pulled in Elizabeth Suzann linen clydes. I appreciated Grechen's analysis of ES on her blog on Friday and echo her desire to support other independent designers. I still love these pants though! I even got a compliment on them when I went out in public around lunchtime, which I thought was funny because in some ways they are like my summer sweatpants, haha.



Just Monday–Thursday here because Friday–Sunday was time at the beach and I wanted to disconnect a little and not worry about a well-presented outfit. Later this week I'll share some little illustrations of what I brought on the trip. Just some pencil drawings I did one afternoon lounging on the beach.

The beach trip itself was magical and restorative. Laughing non-stop, soaking up sun, doing all the things we wanted to do (pepper jelly and goat cheese!) and even some things we needed to do (work out!). I wore the swimsuits I already own, and they were just fine! 

Here I am in a photo my friend took of me this weekend. Sunset, ocean — happy.

Lauren Manoogian sweater was the perfect layer over my linen Black Crane jumpsuit for this brisk sunset beach walk.

Lauren Manoogian sweater was the perfect layer over my linen Black Crane jumpsuit for this brisk sunset beach walk.