APR 30–MAY 6, 2018


April 30, 2018

First day back at work after a lovely beach weekend. Easy top, easy jeans, easy shoes. Nothing to see here.



May 1, 2018

Power outfit! These Elizabeth Suzann florence pants are great for pairing with black tops to give the look of a jumpsuit but with infinite variation. I have plenty of black tees and tanks and tops to tuck in here. In the winter I do the turtleneck, but it's basically switched straight to summer now so low back tank it is.



May 2, 2018

The more I wear these burgundy pants the more I like them. I had my doubts, but it's become apparent to me that they are just better for warmer temps so I can wear sandals or open flats. They look better when the bare ankles make more sense.



May 3, 2018

I love this jumpsuit/romper. Wrote about it last week here, but basically I'm delighted by how the color blends with my skin tone. I love the floaty but tailored silhouette too — so often it feels like jumpsuit designers default to baggy baggy baggy, This one has a back zip so it can be more fitted. 



May 4, 2018

Outfit repeat alert (Tuesday, April 3, 2018)! Except last time was with sneakers. It's crazy how the weather allowed for this same outfit last month but then went all cold again. But now we're back in linen territory, and with sandals too! 



May 5, 2018

I loooove this Osei-Duro dress. It probably deserves it's own post. I wore it the entire day from sun-up to grab my sister from the airport to sundown grabbing dinner from down the street. I made my husband take this photo of me on our evening walk because the light was beautiful and there was the PERFECT BEIGE WALL. 



May 6, 2018

Today we went up to see my dad and sister in the suburbs for a little back-deck cookout in honor of my dad's 70th birthday, which is on Wednesday. I figured it was as good an excuse as any to dress up a little, so I put on this raw silk low back dress and even pulled out a necklace that was my mom's. I liked how the square necklace echoed the square neckline of the dress.



It was kind of a dressy weekend, wasn't it? I'm realizing that my favorite wardrobe items are ideal for spring and summer. I love a good sundress and sandals. All my winter stuff I TRY to make work for me, but god, the slog of layering and cold just wears me down. I almost never wear dresses or skirts in winter. It's just too hard to keep warm, which is priority number one for me when the temperature drops. 

But summer (which is basically what it is now in Atlanta). I LOVE summer things. I love showing my arms and back. I love a floaty skirt when the weather cooperates. It feels a bit lopsided wardrobe-wise to opt for dresses for just half the year, but there's no use in forcing things that make you unhappy. Just embrace what makes sense for you when it makes sense.

Back when I was in the groove of my twice-a-week workout class, I had fucking killer arms and legs. I want to get back there! I have a small tattoo on the inside of my upper left arm, and so I feel like I have a duty to keep my arms toned because of that. I've let it go for too long, but I love knowing I'm strong and able and have the muscles to show for it. More push-ups!

It's such a pleasure to walk out the door without a top layer, warm breeze across my skin. By the time fall hits, I definitely feel ready for some layers, but right now I'm reveling in light fabrics and colors. I think I enjoy my summer clothes objectively more than my winter clothes. I just feel more excited by the combinations, more me.

Do you enjoy your summer or winter clothes more? Does the climate where you live dictate what you like to wear?