APR 9–15, 2018


April 9, 2018

Variation on an outfit I've worn before. I love pairing my mom's floral scarf with this burgundy sweater and camel boots. The scarf has little dabs of similar reds and pinks that look lovely with this color combo.



April 10, 2018

After cleaning up the patent camel flats I find them much more wearable! They aren't the true nude color I would like but I think they are still neutral and pair well with the blacks and grays in this outfit. Also, this is the first opportunity I've had to wear the gateway pants this year! They do not disappoint. Yay for warmer weather.



April 11, 2018

I wanted something easy and comfortable to wear today and chose skinny jeans and this square tee to satisfy that desire. I'm happy with this secondhand tee purchase, even though it wasn't a purchase I planned ahead for the year.



April 12, 2018

This sweater and jeans combo has quickly become my work from home uniform. Perfect for the spring chill that is hanging on. And on. And oooon.




April 13, 2018

I'm liking these pants more! I mentioned having doubts the last time I wore them (Wednesday, March 28, 2018) but maybe the weather just wasn't right. Today was nice and warm and I wore them with my favorite beige sandals. The crop seems to make more sense with sandals. They are definitely a warm weather pant. I like them with this fitted top tank so that the pleats can do their pleat thing without distraction.



April 14, 2018

I just washed these linen clyde pants and really like how they fit here. They ended up stretching a bit by the end of the day so they weren't quite so fitted. For the most part I'm happy with the size 6-tall but wonder if I should have gone for the 4-tall to keep that tighter look. I just worry they'd be too tight...



Have you seen Phantom Thread? We watched it this weekend and my husband fell asleep through the end so I had to explain the bizarre twist to him afterward. Articulating it made it even weirder than it already was. I enjoyed the movie as a whole, but it was a little slow. The clothes of course were beautiful, but man, those characters... made for each other I guess.

Machete Kate earrings in blush.

Machete Kate earrings in blush.

Also this weekend we took a walk down to Ponce City Market and checked out the new location of Coco + MIscha, a boutique that stocks local and sustainable makers as well as vintage pieces. One of the local artisans is Machete, a newish Atlanta-based jewelry company that makes their pieces out of acetate (like glasses!). Amour Vert even stocks some of their pieces. I really like the Kate style earrings.

I wanted to see the earrings I've been eying in person, and I'm glad I did because I don't like the blush color as much as I thought I would. It was less pink and more orangey peach than it shows in pictures. The tortoise color was also a little orangey, so I think I want to go for the blonde or ash blonde tortoise.

Also at Coco + Mischa, I tried on two pairs of vintage pants that were blousy trou contenders. One was a wool camel colored pair of trousers that were just a little tight in the waist. The other pair was beige/ivory tencel, and they fit perfectly but were slightly cropped — not quite what I was looking for. I kept thinking of my flax clyde pants and how these were very much a similar pant, although more formal. In the end, I didn't buy them even though the sales people were cooing over me in them. At only $35 the price was right, but I think I'd rather find the thing I really want as opposed to adding these pants that are nice but not perfect.

We had dinner at the Ton Ton ramen bar and it was so good! Perfect food for the blustery day. I'm glad we walked to Ponce City because I think I ate too much ramen and could feel it sloshing around inside me as we left to go home. Thankfully the walk home burned off most of that overeating feeling.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 11.22.15 AM.png

And finally, I'm going to the beach in a couple weeks, and while I didn't think I needed a new swimsuit this year, I kind of want one? But I don't want to spend a fortune, because I have plenty of other items on my clothing-and-shoes-want list this year. I like one pieces, and I like the low-back look, but I feel like all the one-pieces folks are making now are all high-cut legs, which I'm like, no. 

So now I'm looking at vintage suits on Poshmark and fell in love with this one-piece with a skirt! I love these 80s/90s style skirted suits, they remind me of what my mom and grandma used to wear. It's probably a size too big for me, but how hard could it be to alter??? Hahaha. I'm the worst. It's only $25! And I sold some items recently so have credit on my account, so it's not reeeally like spending money. What do you think, should I just go for it? I should win a gold medal for my mental gymnastics over this one.