AUG 6–SEP 5, 2018

Returning home after a vacation or trip makes it hard for me to get back into the swing of things, including regular outfit recaps posts. After I got back from Michigan early last month, I really struggled to find the motivation to upload photos that I'd already documented on Instagram and add thoughtful captions. It felt pointless. I was burned out.

Then I went to the beach for a week, where I didn't really take consistent outfit of the day photos. It compounded the confusion of the process.

The task of putting together over a month's worth of outfit recaps without consistent content felt really daunting, so instead, I've taken this opportunity to reorder things a little based not on chronology but rather commonalities.

In the 21 outfit photos below, each successive day's photo contains at least one item that was worn in the previous photo. See if you can spot the common threads! Click through for captions containing the outfit components.

Just goes to show that even when you keep a more minimalist wardrobe, there are so many combinations of items you can put together to wear! Not to mention the variety of different ways you can wear a single piece. My me-made windowpane top especially wears a bunch of different hats, transitioning effortlessly from casual to workout  to elegant and back again.

Moving forward, I'm not sure if I'll continue with the weekly recaps here on the blog. My time will be better spent working on new content rather than rehashing the things I've already documented somewhere else. As always, you can follow me on Instagram @taliagracestyle for real time outfit of the day posts.

This is just one of a couple pivots I've been making in this space in the last couple weeks. Thanks for staying with me!