Autumn Looks, Part I

Ever since September hit, the style-sphere has been going gaga over fall — all pumpkin spice lattes, ochre trousers, and exclamations of “sweater weather!”


This is a complete farce for me because it’s still hitting 90 on a daily basis in Atlanta — the new normal. But seeing as it’s officially fall, I assume that eventually I will need to wear more than one layer when I leave the house, and I guess it’s time I share some of the autumn looks I’m excited about wearing.

Make no mistake: I live for warm weather. But I’m no heathen! I’m not immune to the anticipation of a new season, new outfits. And since my cool-weather clothes have been sitting idle for several months now, pulling them out to try on in new combinations gives a feeling of novelty that is hard to beat.

For today’s post, I’m just dipping my toe in the autumn-water by pairing some of my summer wardrobe acquisitions with a couple classics.

Without further ado…


Windowpane top + Elizabeth Suzann bel skirt + Everlane day heels

This is the shirt I sewed the night before vacation earlier this summer (July 2, 2018). Since then it’s become a complete closet staple! I’ve enjoyed pairing it will basically every bottom ever, but not yet with my Elizabeth Suzann bel skirt. The silk skirt was just too damn hot to wear this summer. But if cooler temps ever arrive, I’m excited for the sophisticated but simple look achieved by topping it with the windowpane blouse.


Vintage floral dress

+ Elizabeth Suzann bel skirt + Everlane day heels

Speaking of that bel skirt… I discovered in the spring how WELL it layers under other skirts and dresses (May 25, 2018). Who’d have thought? How’s this for a little edge — literally! I love how just a little crescent of black silk is peeking out from underneath the high-low hem of the vintage floral dress, taking it from so-summer to a-little-bit-autumn just like that.


Windowpane top + vintage floral dress + Everlane day heels

Bringing it full circle here by topping the floral dress with the windowpane top. I’m such a sucker for pattern-mixing stripes/geometric patterns paired with pretty florals. This is my homemade version of that one Anthro dress that I had to have, but that I ended up selling because I never had anywhere to wear it. The best part? Totally unique. No one else is going to have this exact look!

OK, I think I’m warming up to the idea of fall. Pun definitely intended. But seriously! Layering is proving to be an indispensable way to give garments a new spin. I realize these looks may not appear super-autumny to a lot of folks, but for this southern girl, they’re the first step towards cooler weather, which, let’s be clear, isn’t even here yet.

Lastly, can we all just admire how versatile the Elizabeth Suzann bel skirt is? I always thought I would be a clyde skirt kind of person, but I dreamed of it in silk crepe for the swoosh. Since that was out of the question, somehow I decided to give the bel skirt a shot, and wow, it’s really a lovely garment. Super simple silhouette, beautiful construction, and made from silk that feels like water. Wouldn’t hurt to give it some pockets though, just saying…

Stay tuned for some more decidedly cold-weather looks coming soon!