What I brought to the beach
No beautiful flat lays for you, sorry! Just these scribbles.

No beautiful flat lays for you, sorry! Just these scribbles.

Over the weekend, I sketched out these little illustrations from a lounge chair on the beach as waves crashed on the shore and seagulls begged for cracker crumbs. Things got out of scale and started overlapping as I remembered different pieces and had to squeeze them in to fit the page, but I liked exercising my hand and eye.

The only things that did not get worn on my beach trip were:

  • The beach cover-up, surprisingly. Instead, I wore the Hackwith button down one day and just a towel on another.
  • Black Crane linen carpenter pants. I put these on Sunday morning but swapped to my workout pants instead. 
  • Swim bottom 2, the lower rise swim skirt pair. Just wore the high rise bottoms and swim top 1 again.
Multi-purpose linen jumpsuit by Black Crane. Good for: beach walking, yoga, sleeping.

Multi-purpose linen jumpsuit by Black Crane. Good for: beach walking, yoga, sleeping.

MVP of the weekend was the Black Crane linen jumpsuit, which functioned as both beach walking outfit, lounge outfit, and PJs. Normally I'd style it with a belt for a little more polish, but here I just pulled it on over whatever and didn't even bother making sure the ankles were cuffed the same. No one cared. 

It's good to be realistic with beach packing. I left at home the makeup bag and just brought my eyebrow pencil and mascara, because those two things make me feel a little more polished even if everything else is bare. Also left at home were any shoes besides sneakers (for our hike in Providence Canyon on the way to Florida and for bike riding) and flip flops. It's the beach! What are you reeeeeally going to wear?

Something I almost threw in my bag was my Black Crane linen high-low dress. It's sooo breezy and would have been nice to wear. But honestly, the jumpsuit sufficed. Most of our activities were either active and required a swimsuit or athletic wear, or were loungey, where anything really would do. We talked about going out for a cocktail but only made it to the wine store, haha.

Something that I found absolutely hilarious was how well my friend and I blended in to the people in the posh little seaside town we biked to on Saturday. We wore our workout pants and sneakers with t-shirts and our hair pulled into ponytails with ballcaps. Literally everyone in the line at the froo-froo coffee shop we stopped in was in the SAME UNFORM. I wanted to snap a photo SO BAD. Add a LV bag here, some Chanel sunglasses there. It felt like we were undercover, quietly giggling at the uniformity as we ordered our chai lattes.

Already I have my next beach trip on my mind. My family shares the condo we stayed at, and I don't take advantage of the opportunity to go down for the weekend nearly enough. I feel revitalized after just a few days in the sun with a good friend. We did workouts, ate charcuterie, and encouraged each other along in neglected projects. We slept side by side in matching twin beds. We joked about getting matching air-brushed tees, but didn't follow through. 

It was over too soon!