Beige for days

So after Wednesday's post about Kitty Kitsch, I guess I was feeling playful, however, my version of playful isn't cutsy cat print, but... beige?


Haha, ok so beige doesn't scream "traditionally playful." I guess the playfulness here comes more from the silhouette and style of this jumpsuit rather than the color. It's got swingy wide legs that almost feel skirt-like and a v front and back. Jumpsuits and rompers are inherently playful to me, so reminiscent of childhood. I mean, it's called a romper for crying out loud.

My aunt-in-law bought this for me from a boutique in Tulsa a couple years ago. It was one of those times shopping where you see something in a hanger and think it can't possibly work, but then you try it on and are surprised to find it is weirdly good. It's some weird off-brand, but made of linen and with solid construction. Cute patch pockets and a full back zip up the function.

What I love about this jumpsuit is how when I wear it, it just melts over me and I become all one color.  It's kind of silly! Even sillier is if I wear beige shoes, which as you know is a common occurrence around here.

Everlane V Slingback in light tan woven.

Everlane V Slingback in light tan woven.

And it's about to get even more common, because today I also took the plunge on a new pair of beige shoes — the new Everlane slingbacks that came out today.  I wasn't planning on purchasing anything but took a look and saw they came in a promising light tan. Woven leather shoes have been speaking to me lately, so I thought, why not?

My search for an elevated all-purpose flat is still active, but I've yet to find the perfect thing in the secondhand and vintage markets. Ultimately I would still like to add a true beige shoe-shoe to my collection, even if the slingbacks work out. Unlike some, I love to wear socks with my flats, and that's just not possible to do with the slingback (another reason I hesitate with mules).

But the Everlane pair was too irresistible to pass up with what looks like a somewhat thicker sole, the right color, and beautiful texture. Oh, and the elusive v-cut vamp! I'm excited about them and hope they fit, because we all know Everlane shoe sizing is the worst.


Also new-to-me in Beigeland is a vintage Coach crossbody with front clasp. I chose this to add to my collection because it's the perfect size to carry my sketchbook in. I wanted a crossbody bag I could bring with me on my upcoming trip to Chicago so I could carry whatever stuff with me during the day without being constrained by a too-small bag. I love my little camel-colored Coach bag but it's quite wee. In the spirit of one-in-one-out, I've sent an older under-used messenger-style bag to a friend who will get more use out of it. 

I chose this particular purse over another used one in the same style because it looked to be in slightly better condition and also still had the Coach hang tag. I know, I know — for someone who complains about how dumb labels and brand names are, I feel like a bit of a hypocrite spending more on an identical thing just to get the tag, but oh well. It is what it is.

The style and brass hardware is so classic and the size is just right. It's got an outer back pocket good for tossing my phone in as well as an interior zip pocket. I've treated it with leather protector in anticipation of the light color being prone to dye offsetting from jeans. Hopefully that will help it clean up easier.

I'm really happy with the bag and took it out for a spin today running an errand. Ended up in burgundy shoes instead of beige, but I promise I'll take another photo when the slingbacks get in so we can get the full beige-for-days effect.

Coming soon: beige slingbacks.

Coming soon: beige slingbacks.

Heading into the weekend feeling good, still riding the high of my beach trip and a week of workouts. What do you have planned, anything fun or exciting? My sister is coming to visit and I'm looking forward to that! Both my sisters and I realized we are all relatively close in size. Wouldn't it be amazing if we all lived in the same place and could share a closet?