Easy dress + sandals

Easy dress + sandals

I threw on this knit dress when I came home from work today because I had to do laundry and when I do laundry I feel like I should wash what I wore already that day too (if it's gonna need it). But I didn't want to go straight to PJs because I suspected I might be leaving the house again. Sure enough, my husband and I walked down the street to pick up dinner so I layered on the denim jacket and busted out my Nisolo Serena sandals (I'm smiling here because R is just out of frame making me feel ridiculous for taking this photo).

I got a message from Nisolo today because I'd put my name on the waiting list for this same pair of sandals in last season's pale honey colorway. I LOVE THESE SANDALS and wear them basically every day over the summer. I had wanted to get a second pair to ease the wear between two pairs, but their customer service rep was letting me know that they would not be available in pale honey now. Instead, they are offering the Serena in almond, which is like a light brown as opposed to the pale honey beige. 

On the one hand, a slightly different but still neutral color could be good for variety. On the other hand, I like beige 😝 . I hope my current pair makes it through another season intact. They are well loved but still in pretty good repair, all things considered. I'm a little disappointed because I thought I'd found The One beige leather flat sandal with ankle strap that I could wear for the rest of my life. Should have bought 12 pairs while I could have I guess.

But back to this dress - I got this secondhand last year when I was obsessing over high-low hems. I love a good high-low hem, especially when the low is ankle skimming. It's all the elegance if a long skirt without any of the stuff formality. It's an interesting detail that means the rest of the dress can be a little more basic without being boring. 

I think I added three (three!) dresses with this feature to my wardrobe last year. They are all different enough to justify, but I probably don't need anymore for quite some time.  

Do you ever have phases or infatuations like this? I'm definitely in a burgundy phase right now. I can't stop admiring everything burgundy and have added a couple items in this color this year alone.