Review: Everlane cheeky jean and bodysuit

Review: Everlane cheeky jean and bodysuit

First of all, I want to say what an awful name "cheeky" is for a garment. I cringe every time I read it, but at least I've never had to utter it aloud, thank god. 


Now that that's out of the way.

After a bit of a secondhand/vintage shopping binge earlier this summer, I hit a month+ of shopping abstinence. It wasn't an official shopping ban or anything like that, but it was definitely a direct result of the earlier binge. I just didn't want to buy anything.

It's a small comfort that at least the shopping I did was not for anything new — every item was used in some form. But three of the items I bought were shoes, and none of them fit, so that made me feel especially dumb about it all. Because they are secondhand shoes, I can't just send them back, and now I'm stuck with them to sell or give away. Of course.

Another fraught thing I bought was an Elizabeth Suzann clyde skirt. I wanted to love it! I thought I would love it! Elaine looked so lovely in hers. It was going to be perfect. There it was, the right size and color on Noihsaf Bazaar! I had to pounce. When it arrived, it seemed fine. I wore it a couple of times and liked it... mostly. But still, there was something not quite right about it. Maybe the color was just not working? After a last-ditch attempt at dying it a darker shade, I came to the conclusion it just wasn't for me. At least I was able to sell that item pretty easily. 

So after a summer of ups and downs, but mostly downs, abstaining from clothing purchases wasn't especially difficult. I see a lot of people struggle with shopping bans, then binge after the pre-determined amount of time is over. I didn't need a rule to keep me from shopping though. My level of disgust at myself for having fallen into the trap of buying things that don't fit or aren't what they were cracked up to be was enough to talk me out of anything I was even considering adding to my closet. Plus, I'm pretty darn close to hitting my spending cap for the year. At this point, I'm running on the fumes of what I can make selling off other stuff from my closet, which, while not insignificant, is finite. 

All this to say, the fast has been broken, and we can thank Everlane for it.

Renee wrote recently about the conflicting feelings she got when Everlane sneakily added a $20 credit to people's accounts, admitting that she'd felt a panic to buy. I too had a $20 credit, and while I saw it for what it was — a marketing gimmick, and a very successful one — I still ended up buying. (This marketing ploy is a whole post in and of itself, but that's for another time)

I'd been curious about the *ahem* cheeky jean, attracted to the straight leg and high rise. My other pair of everyday jeans are dark blue high-rise skinnies, which I love, but it felt like time to expand my jeans horizons. Everlane's initial denim launch left me unimpressed, but folks were saying this new cut was so great. I know I know, hype.

But with the promotional credit plus another bit of credit that I'd had sitting on my account for a while, I decided to go for the jeans. Before I hit "purchase" though (the night the promo expired), I looked at Poshmark to see if there was a secondhand pair I could buy. There wasn't a pair in the wash I wanted in the size I thought would work, so that was a no-go (also I was worried about getting the size right, so secondhand would be risky).

Of course, while I was on Poshmark, I noticed someone was selling one of the low-back Everlane bodysuits in black, size small — another item I'd had on my theoretical wishlist. Now, I've been pretty vocal about my disappointment that this bodysuit wasn't designed with snaps at the crotch, which makes it a little more limiting practicality-wise. In protest, I declared to no one in particular that I wouldn't be buying one, at least not first-hand. But in the meantime, I just haven't been able to find another attractive bodysuit that met my aesthetic must-haves, new or used.

Well, fresh off some sales from my Poshmark closet, I felt fine picking up this bodysuit secondhand. Did I compromise my crotch-snap morals by doing so? Eh, I'm not too worried about it.

Without further ado then, I give you my reviews of both the Everlane jeans-which-shall-not-be-named and the Everlane low-back bodysuit.


Everlane Cheeky Jeans in washed black

The jeans have been on my radar, but it wasn't until I saw them on Brianna recently that I gave them a second thought. She has very similar measurements as I do and the jeans looked fantastic on her, so it was enough to make an educated guess on which size would work for me. 27! 

I got them in a 27 like Brianna did, and I think it's a good size. It's the same numerical size as I wear in my Madewell skinnies, but the fit is less constricting than that pair. The denim has some stretch to it, so it's possible that a 26 might have worked as well, but they would have been much tighter — not the look I'm going for.

In these photos, I wore the jeans with the bodysuit, and I feel like you can see a hint of a VPL through the jeans from the bodysuit, which has elastic around the leg holes that cut in a little bit. In a size 26, this would surely be exacerbated, so that's another reason to stay with the 27. 


It's too soon to say whether the jeans will stretch out uncontrollably or loosen too much with wear. But straight out of the mailing envelope, they felt neither too tight nor too saggy. I styled them with my vintage Coach belt, but it was purely cosmetic. The denim itself is very soft and not stiff at all. It reminds me a little of the fabric used in the wide leg crop Kamm pant knockoff Everlane put out last year, although not as stretchy, and a bit heavier. It also is not particularly lint-attractive, at least not any more so than other fabrics.

Some folks have complained about the front pocket lining of the jeans riding up and showing at the pocket opening, but I haven't found this to be an issue. I did feel like that, when sitting, the seam between the waistband and the rest of the jeans bunched up a little, but I'm willing to forgive that because it's a rare pair of pants that don't bunch up in some fashion when you sit down.


Lengthwise, the inseam hits above my ankle (this is not the ankle-length variety) but then I have long legs, so I expected that. I'd have preferred maybe another inch of inseam, but all things considered I find the length fine, and perfectly flattering with a variety of shoes. An ankle boot might prove to be trickier to style, but we'll see.

I really like the width of the calf in these jeans. It's exactly what I was looking for in a straight leg jean. The pant leg has a relaxed but not baggy fit in the thigh and transitions nicely to the calf area. I worried they'd be like a bad mom jean, which can look overly exaggerated at the thigh, but these have a much more understated fit while still channeling the spirit of the mom jean. Everlane has done a nice job a taking the gist of a style and updating it a more contemporary spin.

The rise of the jean is great too — it hits right at my natural waist. Even my Madewell high riser skinnies are just shy of my actual waist! I don't have a strong opinion about the rear pocket placement. They don't seem too high or low or whatever. I know this is kind of the signature part of the jean that supposedly gives it its awful name, but it was sort of... whelming.Not over or under. Just whelmed. I mean, I think my butt looks good, but it's not that much more incredible than other pants I've worn. It's fine. It's good! But I'm not like OMG AMAZING I'M BURNING ALL MY OTHER JEANS.


There's a place in my wardrobe for a variety of pant silhouettes, and I'll definitely be keeping these jeans to fill the place of a black (but not too black) straight leg jean for casual running around and other insert-cool-girl-activities. For an abstinence-breaking purchase, I could do a lot worse.

Everlane low back bodysuit

Last year I tried out Grana's scoop-back bodysuit and immediately resold it. It was long in the body and just kind of floppy and not good. In contrast, the Everlane bodysuit fits perfectly. I like it a lot! I wore it out to drinks with friends last night and again today at home, both times without a bra(lette). The dramatic low back is amazing — it's exactly what I've been wanting — but not compatible with traditional undergarments. I love going braless, but bustier gals might be uncomfortable without more support.

Despite there being two layers of fabric, the jersey is thin. If you're going braless and concerned about nips showing, you'll want to go with a pair of sticky nipple-covers (I use Nippies Skin covers when I need to tame the ladies). In the scenarios where I would be wearing the bodysuit though, a little show-though doesn't bother me. Plus I'm always trying to push the boundaries of nip-taboo, because why does it have to be such a big deal anyway?


It seems like the bodysuit is intended to be worn as an underwear substitute, with a sort of liner-ish piece of fabric sewn in the crotch. But I don't want to wash this baby after every single wear, so I I doubled up and wore my regular undies underneath the suit. While the size small fits great overall, the elastic in the leg holes (a generic bikini cut) that I mentioned earlier is slightly annoying from that VPL standpoint. 

Normally with a tank top or jumpsuit, the straps are way too long, but here they are just right. (The whole suit is 27.5" from shoulder to crotch). Only occasionally will one slip off my shoulder, and only when I move my arm a weird way. I think that's to be expected with such a low back. Honestly, I'm surprised it's this good!

Wearing the bodysuit with a high rise pant makes it a little indistinguishable from a regular tank top. I have other black tank tops. Why add another? But it's what you don't see that makes the difference. Even with a fitted tank top, tucking it into pants is never going to be clean and easy and eternally polished. It's gonna pull up and wrinkle in some way. The bodysuit solves this by staying taut and tucked. There's also a little bit of elastic around all the edges, including the front and back scoop, so that helps things stay tight.


The downside of course — and the reason for my initial boycott — is that you have to remove the whole damn thing to pee. I like versatility in my garments, and it's gonna be hard to layer anything over this bodysuit without the specter of stripping down naked every time you need a bathroom break. God forbid you have to do so in a public restroom, dangling the other upper layers you have to shed on a back-of-the-door hook — if you're lucky.

A snapped gusset crotch would have solved all this, but I guess I understand why they skipped it in this iteration. It would have added cost, for sure, and possibly taken the comfort factor down if not executed smartly. And this was part of their underwear launch, so a snapped crotch would not be conducive to wearing this like underwear as I believe it's intended. I get it. Although I'm admittedly a snappless-crotch bodysuit convert now— it's really a good bodysuit — I still hope they do a version with snaps.

Overall, I think the jeans and bodysuit were good buys, and not a not a bad way to break an unofficial shopping fast. Plus, they look killer together. Like, seriously, I feel like a bad bitch in all these photos. It's an excellent vibe.

Have you tried either of these items? How did you find them?


Everlane Cheeky Jean in washed black

Size 27: 14" across waist

Good: Soft fabric, nice color, small amount of stretch, great straight leg style, perfect high rise.

Bad: Bunch up at the waist a little when sitting.

Conclusion: Keeper!


Everlane bodysuit

Size Small: 16" across bust, 27.5" from shoulder to crotch

Good: Excellent low back, tight fit around armholes, straps are not too long.

Bad: No snaps at the crotch, elastic legholes cut in just a little causing some VPL but no discomfort.

Conclusion: Keeper!