First look: Everlane Long-sleeve V-neck Bodysuit

First look: Everlane Long-sleeve V-neck Bodysuit

Let’s take a look at Everlane’s long-sleeve v-neck bodysuit.

To begin with an aside, I thought I'd be transparent and let you dear readers know that since I've become an Everlane affiliate, I have made exactly $0 in commissions via my affiliate links! I don't believe that I have become a soulless Everlane shill either — which is also probably why I haven't had any real traction with those affiliate links (also there are many many Everlane affiliates out there who have higher traffic than this blog, so there’s that). I post what I post, and if a link is relevant, it's linked, then I forget about it and keep posting whatever else I post.

With that said, I did ask my Everlane affiliate rep to try the recently released long sleeved v-neck bodysuit — because, as you know, I am a bodysuit fiend, always on the hunt — and so they sent over this one in stripes with a bikini bottom for me try. The bodysuit was gifted, and this post contains affiliate links.

This is not an official review, as I like to wear things I'm reviewing a number of times IRL before forming my final opinion on them. But, I did go ahead and try on the bodysuit briefly this evening to see how the sizing was, and I just had some quick thoughts to share.

Everlane long-sleeve v-neck bodysuit  pictured together with my new Jennifer Glasgow tencel pants and Ecco heels.

Everlane long-sleeve v-neck bodysuit pictured together with my new Jennifer Glasgow tencel pants and Ecco heels.

Earlier this year I purchased one of Everlane's first edition long sleeve bodysuits used off Poshmark but quickly resold it because the size small was so tiny. I'm happy to report that in a medium, the fit is muuuuch better, especially length-wise. I feel like the snap crotch is placed further back than I remember (at the very least further back than on most bodysuits), which will be interesting to see how that does comfort and ease-wise. The v-neck is a good depth, and I like the absence of trim around it due to the way the lining and front fabric are sewn. Like all of Everlane’s bodysuits, this one has two layers of thin fabric that make up the body, so its fully-lined.

I took a chance asking for the stripes instead of plain black, and honestly I'm not 100% in love with them. Mini-stripes are so tricky to get right; it's easy for them to go all optical illusiony on you. I thought these stripes might make a plain v-neck into a more interesting item to have in rotation once the weather cools off, but now I'm not so sure. What's so wrong about a plain black v-neck?

2019-08-05 08.21.39 1.jpg
2019-08-05 08.19.24 1.jpg

It's still way too hot in Georgia to wear long sleeves, so I won't really get a chance to put this baby through the wringer until later this fall. We are in the throes of an epic and prolonged move and preparing to sell our condo, so I don't have much time to carefully consider any wardrobe things right now. But, now that I took some photos of this bodysuit, they might help me decide whether I like this enough to keep it. My biggest hesitation is the damn stripes. They might just be too busy for my taste?

It’s worthwhile for me to consider whether I’d keep this if I had shelled out $35 for it. The answer is I’m not sure, because I’m not sure if I want to keep it even NOT having shelled out $35! All this unsureness sort of points to: if you don’t love it don’t keep it. But if I’d tried the bodysuit in black, would I be having this debate with myself or would I be happy to quietly add a simple v-neck bodysuit to my wardrobe?

You know, not everything you own and wear needs to be the best thing ever, but it doesn’t hurt to stir up a little more passion. This isn’t a life-changing garment; I’m not in love. I DO love my Woron tank bodysuit, so it IS possible to love a simple garment. How do you decide if something is worth keeping?