Feb 12–18, 2018


February 12, 2018

I'm starting to rely on this striped top with skinny jeans as my go-to casual but pulled together look. It almost makes me feel guilty when I put it on, like I should put in more effort. But the reality is it's super easy and just looks good. The side vent on the top is a nice detail that keeps it from being just another oversized boxy shirt. And I think the stripes are integral to the design because of how they highlight the drop shoulder. Wouldn't be the same in a solid color.



February 13, 2018

Wearing a variation of an old look. I liked the garnet colored sweater with this pretty floral scarf, it picks up the pink tones nicely. After a long string of days wearing my black boots, I'm giving my camel ones some love again, and I like how they also pick up the beige in the scarf. And to be completely honest I'm wearing these Rachel Comey jeans mostly because I felt bad for not wearing them the past couple weeks. Sometimes they can be hard to style because they have such a unique look already, but they work here pretty well since the sweater is so plain and somewhat fitted. The guilt is thick this week.



February 14, 2018

Honestly not feeling hot on this outfit. I think the t shirt is too blousy and doesn't look great tucked into wide leg bottoms. It's got a small open back detail but I'm just covering it up with the sweater. And speaking of this sweater, I still have mixed feelings about it ever since the fateful dumpy day. As is the theme for this week, I felt badly that I hadn't worn it in a minute and thought I should give it a shot. Unfortunately it just didn't really wow me, but that's admittedly because I gave it a pretty ho-hum context. I probably shouldn't mix grey and beige-tan in the future either.



February 15, 2018

It was finally warm outside! I put on the charcoal sweater tank in celebration. Wore my cropped black cardigan over it all day anyway since I was in the office, but here are my bare arms! This particular outfit gives off a very masculine vibe to me despite how fitted the top is. In fact I think it's the tension of the masculine/feminine that sells me on the whole thing — I love when you can put those two ends of the spectrum together in one look. The balance gives it so much more depth than if you were to choose just one of those qualities. It's why I'm such a sucker for when women wear super short hair but also dangly earrings or a dress. I think it turns a lot of societal expectations on their head. Here I feel like I should literally be climbing out of a tank in a jungle, but then they'd be like, "She looks so good tho."



February 16, 2018

Like I mentioned last week, it usually takes me until Friday to even want to wear something besides jeans. Today this was doubly because my husband and I had a date after work to see the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at the Fox. No time to go home and change so I just wore this all day at the office and felt great. I like the Eilzabeth Suzann florence pants best when I can wear them with a shoe that shows a little skin, like these nude heels. It lets the pants do the talking, I think, when they can float right above the ankles on their own. The top I'm wearing here is very fitted and tucks in nicely to the elastic waist. Gives the look a little jumpsuit vibe without all the fussing when you have to use the bathroom.



February 17, 2018

More celebration with the windows wide open today. We passed the 70 degree threshold with beautiful breezes and golden sun. I wanted to get me some vitamin D while I could even though I was going to be around the house all day, cleaning and prepping dinner for having a few of our couple friends over for dinner. This top reads a little fancy for wearing around the house but I did not care a single bit. I did end up changing into a different shirt before the friends arrived as it cooled off in the evening.



February 18, 2018

The social calendar was chock full this weekend. After entertaining the night before, we then had a breakfast date this morning with a couple of our new-parent friends. I layered a cardigan over a t shirt and topped with this lightweight denim jacket, which I ended up stashing in my bag — it was unnecessary as the weather on our walk to breakfast was so nice. I like the cropped length and boxy fit of the t shirt as well as the color. Keeps me from feeling like I'm wearing junk clothes in public, which is how it can sometimes feel when I'm just in a plain tee. It's a nice contrast over the skinny jeans. Doesn't hurt that the heels elevate (literally and figuratively) the look too.



Guilt! I had a lot of it this week. It's like when you were a kid and you had a bunch of stuffed animals and wanted to make sure they all felt loved so you ended up going to sleep at night with an entire pile of them all around your pillow. Anyone else? Just me?

But really, I think it's natural to go through phases where you do and don't reach for certain garments. The weather has a lot of sway here — up until this week it'd been pretty cold and not great weather for wearing the Rachel Comey pants. They are a lightweight denim that, yes, I can layer long johns under, but let's be real, when it's freezing out I want all the warmth and I'm not going to mess with lightweight denim. 

So with the first nice weather in a while, I wanted to make an effort to pull them back out. I remembered instantly that they are not the easiest to style. They have such interesting details that you have to be careful with what you pair them with unless you want to go for the "overwhelming" look. I think they were successfully paired here with plainer, more fitted tops.

Can we talk about the masculine/feminine thing though? I'm thinking about cutting off the rest of my hair when I go back to see my hair dresser in a month. I looove when women rock short hair and am excited to get back there after a good eight years of longer hair now. But there's a part of me that reeeeally also enjoys my current cut, which I've had for over a year now. It's short short on one side but blended to about chin length on the other. It's a beautiful illustration of the masculine/feminine balance and tension that I love, and I worry that with it all-short some of that charm will be gone. I'm worried that the onus will fall on my wardrobe to strike that balance instead, and I don't know if I can trust my wardrobe to do that well and consistently.

I do look forward to the idea of having short hair but leaning more feminine in my wardrobe. But I don't necessarily think my wardrobe always says "feminine" so this will be a challenge. The Thursday outfit is a good example — the top is fitted and offers the counterpoint to the more masculine jeans, but overall I think the look leans more masculine. Works great with my current hair, but would it work as well if my hair was all-short? I just want to make sure I keep some of the interest that comes from mixing vibes, and it's been so easy with my current haircut that I hope I haven't become complacent.

I suppose I could just not change my hair, especially because I do like it so much. But you know when you get that itch to change it? It's hard to ignore! Hair always grows back too, as I never hesitate to tell anyone thinking of cutting their hair. Does your haircut influence how you dress yourself at all? Or is it more secondary to your daily look?