Feb 26–Mar 4, 2018


February 26, 2018

This is an no-name off-brand shirt I got in Tulsa, OK a couple years ago. The top is some kind of poly mix which has tiny pills and the bottom is a cotton poplin. Aside from the pills, I really like this shirt a lot. Normally not into the fake shirt-tail look but here, I think because it isn't trying to make it look like the poplin is under the shirt at all — just straight sewn on the bottom — I enjoy the mix. It's nicely oversized as well, which I appreciate in contrast to the skinny jeans.



February 27, 2018

A lot of my sweaters look wrinkly when I take these outfit of the day photos because how I store them folded/rolled in a drawer. They usually release out nicely after an hour or so. We've had a cold snap after a week or so of beautiful weather, so hopefully the new blooms on all the trees are able to hang tight. I thought I'd get one last wear of this turtleneck on the books before it's too hot to attempt.



February 28, 2018

I've worn this sweater a number of times but never show y'all the back! The back is a big reason I decided to order this piece from Poshmark — that and the color, which is a beige-y rose. When I first tried this sweater on I found it unbearably itchy and stuffed it in the back of the drawer, immediately relisted. But I pulled it out again and found that wearing a tank underneath did wonders for keeping the itch factor down, then after having it on for about ten minutes the fibers seem to soften on the body and I didn't notice any more discomfort. It's a relief because I think it's a really pretty sweater!



March 1, 2018

Third month of the year and a work from home day. I threw on a loose sleeveless black tee but then wanted an extra layer for warmth. I decided to try a new style my Hackwith Design House button down, knotting the front shirt tails under the bust. With the monochrome it reads almost like a jacket and i ended up really kind of liking the look except for oddly placed buttons poking out from the knot. I'm interested to see what this looks like with a contrasting color underneath the knotted shirt and almost wonder if I should take the buttons off entirely. That would limit how I could wear it so probably won't do that.



March 2, 2018

Friday! Friday! Friday! Plain black long sleeve v neck tee dressed up with one of my mom's scarves. You could probably call this a phoning-it-in outfit, but part of why I wanted to start documenting what I wear each day is to make it easier to get dressed. So I can't be mad when it's... really easy.



March 3, 2018

This one is also kind of phoning-it-in but in disguise because the wide leg jeans are different enough from mainstream it looks like I actually tried! Haha. I wore this on an epic morning walk to my favorite neighborhood crepe place followed by my favorite neighborhood vintage shop. It was about three miles round trip and I gotta say, my dogs were barking a bit at the end. This is the most walking I've done in one stretch in these Nisolo chelsea boots and I think I pushed the limits of the narrow toe. I've mentioned before how the toe is snug at first but not uncomfortable. But now I know that with enough walking pressure, my pinky toes start to feel a little chafed. 



OK, talk about phoning it in. Wearing the exact same Kotn turtleneck from yesterday + skinny jeans — so basic. I had to work this morning, then we spent the afternoon with my mother in law for her birthday, then I squeezed in a power nap, then it was off to our neighbor's annual Oscar watching party (I won the Oscar bingo game!). It was a lot and I had no time to thoughtfully put together an outfit. I'm so glad I'm able to pair really basic things to look presentable without obsessing over looking original.



I bought some new bralettes to try out this week and can report back that I'm pleasantly surprised by their utility. Tried the Retro Ribbed Bralette from Lively and the scoop neck and longline styles from True & Co.

Lively's website makes vague references to "values" so before I ordered I reached out and asked what their values actually were. This was their response:

Our supply chain is supported by a world class manufacturer that has been in the business for over 60 years! They are experts and engineers in this category of business, which is why we partner with them as it is important for us to have not only a well designed product, but one with amazing quality. 

Our manufacturers have partnered with us to ensure that our LIVELY ethos holds true to the factories and workplace in which we produce. They built a factory dedicated to LIVELY that we have owned for 4 years; it is brand new, full of light and a beautiful place to work in southern China. We meet and exceed fair labor practices and wages. The staff of thirty is comprised of mostly women who have the finest workmanship and passion for their craft. We know that in order to make a great product, everyone involved in the LIVELY brand has to be happy in the work they do and we want them to be #livingLIVELY!

In terms of sustainability, while we do not use recycled materials, we also do not participate in fast fashion. We create only the products and number of skus we believe is necessary to offer what women want in this category. We do not over design and we do not offer clutter. We provide a narrowed assortment of products that are of quality and will last. 

So there you have it. It's still a little murky and marketing speak-y but it was enough for me to at least try out the product. I do like the bralette I tried — a nice heavy elastic under the bust, super light removable lining in the cups, and minimal styling. It has a hook back closure, which I'm starting to think might not be the worst. Pulling bras over your head surely causes them to stretch out faster, right? We'll see how the rib fabric hols up to longterm wear. I anticipate pilling but we'll see.

True & Co. makes no such vague references to "values" but I tried their product too because I'm that desperate for a reasonably priced undergarment I can rely on to not slip or poke or show through clothes. Both of the styles I tried are pullover. They are basically seamless bonded pieces of stretch material that is double layered in most places. The scoop neck bralette is admittedly really unattractive, but it does a really good job under a full coverage top like a t shirt or sweater. The straps are not adjustable and are quite wide, so yay no slipping, but that also means more open tops are out of the question, limiting it's wearability. Overall it's super comfortable, which is probably my number one quality I'm looking for here, so I will be keeping it. 

Have you ever tied garments from either of these companies? What was your experience? Do you feel like Lively's response to me sounds like thinly veiled greenwashing? I think it's good they have their own factory but I still wonder how sustainable their practices are.