Here's A Thing I Didn't Buy: Vintage Floral Pants

Here's A Thing I Didn't Buy: Vintage Floral Pants

Here's a thing I didn't buy... that I deeply regret not buying while I could!


These vintage wide leg floral pants from Etsy. It's the ultimate packed floral pattern in beautiful wine, blush, sage, and whisper white tones. A swooshy wide-leg silhouette. I could totally see myself in these. Pair it with beige, pair it with black, with a tank, with a sweater.

I even did an Insta-story polling y'all whether I should buy! Most people said yes! If you said no, you were wrong, sorry.

I didn't buy them though, because I got burned earlier this summer with some over-zealous vintage buying. I was feeling guilty and buy-shy so resisted pulling the trigger.  What harm would it do to wait?

That didn't keep me from revisiting my Etsy cart from time to time and longingly gazing at the listing for these pants. They were like, I don't know, $30?? I should have just bought them.

Because then someone else did.

It's the awful reality of vintage clothing shopping. There's probably only one, and if you pass it up, it's probably not going to be available for you later. I felt such a pang of disappointment when I saw they were no longer available. Like they say, you don't know what you have til it's gone. In my case, when these pants were gone, I wished I'd just gone for them. 


There's a balance to be struck in minimalism and slow fashion between making conscious decisions about what you are adding to your wardrobe and following your gut/heart. In general, taking time to consider a purchase is an excellent idea, and oftentimes you decide you don't really need the thing. Occasionally, my guilt-prone personality get the best of me, I’m a little too hard on myself, and then I miss a thing like this.


But it begs the question, if no one had bought these pants, would I still be pining over them in my shopping cart? Would I just pine indefinitely until I'd moved them to Save For Later, then forgotten? Why is it only when someone ELSE has them that I lament the loss? I never even had them. Nothing has changed. My life continues.

That's the running theme/lesson of Here's A Thing I Didn't Buy — life goes on, even when you regret not buying.

But that's not the end of this story.

Because the world needs to know how much I regret not buying these pants, I recently posted another Insta-story documenting my regret, and a reader messaged me to tell me that she had a yardage of this fabric and would I like it??? Uh, YES.


I can't have the pants. They are gone. But I can make something new with this floral pattern fabric — which, for the record, I've been obsessively searching for since the pants got snapped up, to no avail. It’s probably better this way! I don’t believe in fate, and I don’t believe “things happen for a reason,” but I’m glad this turned out how it did.

My regret has begun to melt away and turn to gratitude. Regret is such an awful, heavy feeling that should be saved for things like unrequited love and terrible life decisions, not pants. Practicing gratitude is much nicer.

So I wish to thank the stars that aligned between the reader who used the fabric on a project years ago, who squirreled away the leftovers, who saw my sad story, who offered me her scraps.

Thank you kind reader :-) You know who you are!