Home and places like it

I can't tell if I'm exhausted or reenergized.

It's been two weeks to the day since I left Atlanta for shoe school and beyond. Two whole weeks filled with lots of activity and socializing. I didn't always feel like myself — it’s hard to be away from home. I really enjoyed my time with family and the opportunity to learn a new craft, but also I feel like I understand more completely what my Aunt H, age 89, says about why she doesn't like traveling, even though she did it all the time when she was younger. On a trip you can't sleep in your own bed, you can’t eat your own food — so whenever she has to be away for a length of time she says she just can’t wait to get home and take a laxative 🤣Let's just say I know how she feels too some degree 😅and I’m glad to be home.

July, and if I'm being honest June as well, they have been veeery elevated stress-wise. Lots of paperwork and documents we've had to go through, appointments to schedule, plans to make. If all goes well, on Wednesday R and I will take possession of a townhouse in a neighborhood just over the tracks from us.

So if all goes well, August will prove veeery busy as well, with another weeklong absence now stacked on top of moving to this new house and preparing to sell our condo.

It makes me sad, the idea of moving from here. It's very sudden — we weren’t planning on a move any time soon, but I get a daily real estate digest in my inbox and one day in June it just popped on the market, a light-filled, spacious townhouse just a half mile or so's walk from our current condo, the space I've lived in for six years, all of them with R in some capacity or another. We had been casually keeping an eye on listings in hope of seeing something that would offer just a liiitle bit more space for us, and bam, there it was.

Our condo is also steeped in memories of my mom and how she helped me find and buy this place. In the same way I am so glad she could meet R before she passed, it makes me happy to know that she's been in this space before too. I like to think she'd have been excited and supportive of this change — an exciting new canvas to color — but leaving is bittersweet. I've put so much heart into making it a safe and social space, a place to be calm and comfortable. A beautiful place. And y'all, we've only had the new shower for a year — oh my gorgeous shower, how I will miss you 😭

The new house is better in many ways but not as good in others. The biggest difference is a larger square footage that will allow space for me to keep a real studio at home! It has a skylight 😍 and a bright nook off the bedroom that looks ideal for sitting in a comfy chair with a cat on your lap. It even comes with a little backyard, tiny but perfect for a little garden patio.

It's further from the train station, but not by much. It's further from our favorite crepe place too, but it's right next door to a promising breakfast taco place and just across the street from a grocery store. The finishes are not to our taste and the functionality can be improved, but I can see the bones of it and understand the potential and the opportunity we have to really craft it into a home for us. I’ve been furiously sketching floorplans and furniture placement and pinning interior design pins like crazy. Trust me, I've got big plans already, and I definitely plan on sharing them here as we dive head first into updating our new home in the coming months and years.

In anticipation of sharing said projects, I thought it would be fun to start by sharing my Pinterest board of aesthetics and ideas for interior design of the new house. Here it is! Don’t miss sections for bathroom, kitchen and stairs.


Dream Home Pinterest Board


Nothing's going to happen right away, but of course I feel a compulsion to collect visual research like a magpie collects tinsel and other sparkly bits and bobs. Except my bits and bobs are drool-worthy sleek kitchens and gravity defying staircases clad in slatted wood. Reel it in Talia…

So, if you're as into design as I am, this is exciting news. In the meantime, keep your eye out for upcoming posts about my trip to Seattle, a little bit of shopping, my visit with family in Vancouver, plus a more comprehensive account of Shoe School. Just a few pieces in the pipeline that is Stuff That Interests Me And Might Interest You Too.