JUL 16-22, 2018


July 16, 2018

This feels like a very. Go-to sort of outfit. Comfy linen pants+ tucked in tee = done. Wearing the Jenna ballet-back top from Amour Vert, Elizabeth Suzanne clyde pants, and Nisolo Serena sandals. And Stuart.



July 17, 2018

Kind of the same formula as yestderday, right down to another Amour Vert tee and my other Serena sandals (in pale honey - Nisolo please bring back this color!!!). For a twist, I decided to wear my navy blue linen culottes. I normally stick so closely to black and beige that navy feels very out of the box, haha.



Aaaand back to black and beige. The only thing different in this outfit versus Monday's is I'm wearing a different AV tee. I think I might be phoning it in this week? Or is this just how you are supposed to dress with a minimalist wardrobe?



July 19, 2018

Well if yesterday wasn't phoning it in, today certainly is. Working from home, so I literally threw on a big blousy dress and called it done. This dress is one of my favorites from Black Crane. Super light linen, so flowy and drapey.



July 20, 2018

And now for the debut you didn't know you were waiting for, my me-made linen shorts!!! Oooo, ahhh! I made these from a  Stretch and Sew pattern from 1992 and a beautiful linen/cotton blend fabric. Pairing them with block heels and a longer sleeve top classes them up a bit, so I felt they were totally office appropriate. People wear skirts this length to work, why not shorts?


Friday Night

July 20, 2018

We went to an outdoor jazz performance so I thought it would be best to wear long pants in case the bugs were biting. I also decided to lighten up my usual look with this salmon-pink top, a relic from Ann Taylor. I loved this color when I saw it in store a few years ago, so much that I bought TWO different tops in it. But I recently sold the second top because I realized the style didn't suit me. I rarely wear this one since I've gotten so used to my neutral palette, but I still love the color, and I especially love the cowl neck. It's OK to keep a garment around even if you only wear it once in a while, as long as when you wear it you enjoy it!



July 22, 2018

Here's my matching short set! I'm going to redo the top so the windowpanes match up with the shorts because I didn't realize until I'd already made the top that the windowpanes have a distinct up/down orientation. I'm so thrilled with this shorts set though. How adorable, right? All me-made too!

I can't get over how glorious the me-made shorts are. So drapey, so airy, yet still so architectural. It can't be understated how breezey and breathable this pair was on my walk to and from the train. It took a bit of seam-ripping and redoing to get them just right, but now — so worth it! Remember back when I waxed on about blousy shorts? Well I think I'm all set in that department now. 

I had an internal debate before wearing them to the office on Friday because I've always believed that shorts were an office no-no. I'll always remember the intern in cut off denim short shorts — THOSE I think were maybe not the best choice for the office. I still think most shorts are not appropriate for work, but I felt OK wearing this pair because of the length and cut. The come to my fingertips and don't hug any curves. To me, they aren't much different than a skirt, and plenty of people wear skirts to work, sometimes shorter than this!

Your milage is certainly going to vary based on how conservative your workplace is, but I'm lucky to work at an arts non-profit, where out-of-the-box dressing is more embraced than at, say, a law firm. We've got scenic people wandering around in paint splattered cargo pants, folks in sneakers, actors in workout gear. Most people just wear jeans every day. Many of my colleagues have visible tattoos, unusual piercings, and colored hair. On the other hand, we also have managers and board members in slacks or suits, so I would probably choose a different outfit if I had a big meeting with those folks. But for the most part, I think these shorts are just fine!

If you work in an office, could you get away with wearing shorts to work?