JUL 23–29, 2018


July 23, 2018

I tried on three different outfits before settling on this easy one. Everything else was too fussy. I think I'm still coming to terms with the idea that I don't need to reinvent the wheel everyday! Wearing Black Crane carpenter pants, Nisolo sandals, and an old LOFT tee.



July 24, 2018

Day two of Black Crane pants! Paired today with my me-made top. This top, made hastily the night before a 10-day vacation, has quickly made itself indispensable in my wardrobe. It's not perfect but I still love how it fits and wears! It is the perfect length to go with all my high-waisted stuff. A nice change from tucking everything in.



July 25, 2018

Black Crane day 3. Paired with a simple Amour Vert tee. This is the Iris scoop neck tee, but I wear it backwards so the scoop is in back. Some tops you can't really do this with, but I like how this one has a wider boatneck if you wear it this way. Because I didn't want to go ALL black I wore my pale honey Nisolo sandals.



July 26, 2018

It was a work from home day but I was expecting a technician out to look at some water damage, so I put on real clothes for a change. Still comfy though! These are my favorite Caron Callahan Ellis pants with a little Amour Vert camisole.



July 27, 2018

Wow! Not black! This top is an oldie from Lands End circa 2012. I just cropped the hem and am so much more into it now. I loved this top when I bought it but it sort of fell out of favor. I realized it might be because of the longer length, so now that I've cropped the hem it fits much better in my wardrobe! Wearing it over blousy navy culottes. This feels like a very summery look especially with the pale honey sandals. Kind of nautical?



July 28, 2018

LOVE THIS LOOK. I saw my favorite band Beach House tonight, so I wanted to dress up, but also I didn't want to look like I was dressed up. No one wants to look like they're trying to hard! I felt amazing in this. Caron Callahan pants again and me-made top with my rose tan Everlane day heels. The heels I wear rarely because the leather is really kind of delicate. But when I want to feel fancy they are perfect. Gives just a little elevation to any look.



July 29, 2018

So I wore the me-made top to the concert, to bed, and then to go get coffee and breakfast this morning while my husband slept in. I also wore the Black Crane pants as PJ bottoms. How versatile! Truly going from day to night... to day.

Pretty pleased with this week out outfits. My favorite by far is Saturday. Note to self: repeat this when you need an ego bump. I'm a little surprised at how quickly this me-made top has become a wardrobe favorite. It really exemplifies the kind of silhouette I love right now. Fitted at the shoulders, architectural, but somehow still soft.

On Thursday I went to the Atlanta Slow Fashion Symposium, which you can read about here. It reaffirmed for me the reasons why I've gone through the  process of streamlining wardrobe over the past year. I'm still getting used to repeating outfits, especially ones that are so simple to begin with. But when something is good it's good, right?

Later this week we are traveling to Michigan for a long weekend on the lake. I've only been up there in wintertime, when everything is brown and gray, so I'm looking forward to this "summer" thing everyone raves about. Should probably start thinking about what I'll pack...