JUL 30–AUG 5, 2018



July 30, 2018

Those are the sneakers I wore today, bottom right. Black Crane carpenter pants and a black tee. And crybaby Stuart. Simple and basic. Almost the same as what I wore last Monday (July 23, 2018)!



July 31, 2018

Haven't worn these chinos in a minute but felt like something different. Ilove the fit on these even though they are a much lower rise than I normally wear. I just leave the shirt untucked to cover that up. After walking to and from the train today I swore I'd stick to linen for the rest of summer though, haha. Still, maybe I'll fashion myself a pair of pants like these, except higher rise.



August 1, 2018

layered a striped top under this Blanket Crane jumpsuit and got a very juvenile vibe, but I don't hate it. This kind of outfit is always a pain, practically speaking, because bathroom breaks involve disrobing with the added complication of the belt, but I think it looks better cinched in at the waist, so here we are. It's not the worst.



August 2, 2018

First day of a long weekend! Sort of. I worked from home in the morning, but then we headed to the airport around noon for our trip to northern Michigan. I wanted to bring this Black Crane dress so I wore it on the plane to avoid creasing it up in the suitcase. But I get cold on planes, hence the pants underneath. I really like this layering but would have never tried it out had I not been looking for a strategy for travel. Need to do more lagenlook like this!



August 3, 2018

First full day in Michigan and I wore the Elizabeth Suzanne clyde pants again, today paired with my me-made windowpane top. It's simple but interesting, a great example of how a pattern can take a neutral outfit and give it a little zazz.



August 4, 2018

I just HAD to wear the matching windowpane separates on this trip. I got a compliment on it before breakfast! It was perfect for a day road tripping up the northern Michigan coast, stopping for cherries and to put our toes in the lake along the way. The half elastic waist in the shorts and their blousy fit make them excellent for both sitting and walking. There's something quintessentially summer about this outfit that I love.

On Sunday we traveled back home to Atlanta, and I wore my clyde pants again with the white/black striped tee I packed.

So I'm going to declare my travel capsule a success! I didn't wear the workout pants, the swimsuit, or the long sleeve shirt, but those were mostly just-in-case items I was glad to have. The sneakers didn't end up getting any wear either.

Treating my suitcase like a mini closet was a great idea. The weather was lovely, and I was able to make the decision on what to wear each morning, free from the constraints of pre-planned outfits. I wore my windowpane top two days in a row, first with my Elizabeth Suzanne clyde pants, then as a matching set with my windowpane shorts, which elicited multiple compliments from strangers!! I wore the clydes three times total, first with the Black Crane dress, then the windowpane top, and finally with the striped top for the airplane ride home.

Looking at what I actually wore, you could make the case for cutting out the things that didn't get touched. If you are determined to pack light, then a more critical eye would be fine, but if you have the room, it doesn't hurt to bring just a little extra to allow for options. I shared a suitcase with my husband, and with all his clothes/shoes and mine, we still had room to stuff in my pillow.

My husband's aunt, who we were traveling with, really wanted to buy me something from some of the shops we passed by in the little towns, but I demurred. All the clothes and things were the same colorful preppy look that I won't touch with a ten foot pole. There wasn't anything there that would serve me, and I don't feel like I need to make a purchase on vacation just because I'm on vacation. She's the kind of person who wants to treat people to things (kind of like my mom was I guess) but it's important to me to stick to my ethics (and style), even if someone means well with their prodding.

I make this sound like the trip was all about my clothes, but it wasn't actually. The clothes just allowed me to feel comfortable while I took in new experiences (although I will say Saturday's getup really put a bow on the idyllic summertime sightseeing). This part of Michigan is where my husband's family is from, and It was refreshing to see a part of America I hadn't been to before. We toured around and saw a bunch of places that had a deep personal connection to his family. The beaches especially were surprising to this southerner. I'm used to the warm sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast. In Michigan, beaches are basically big piles of smooth rocks. I got lucky and found a petoskey stone on one of our stops — a little pebble of fossilized coral among the sea of granites, agates, and jasper.

The best parts of the trip were just wandering the shoreline, spitting cherry pits out the car window, and watching the sky turn dusky over the water.

Toes on Nipigon Point beach.

Toes on Nipigon Point beach.

Now that I'm back home, I can get back into the groove of planning sewing projects — I've got another blouse and skirt in the works. AND, I also have a special surprise up my figurative sleeve for all my readers and followers. Keep your eyes peeled in the next week or so to find out what it might be...