JUN 25–JUL 1, 2018



June 25, 2018

I love this faux dress look. The key to pulling off this look is getting the top and skirt to be the same kind of saturation and tone. I don't always match my blacks, but when I do it can be magical.




June 26, 2018

Went a little polished today with my inky black sleeveless top and linen-blend trousers from Ann Taylor. I always get compliments on these pants! They've been hemmed so I can wear them with flats, although I have on low heels here.



June 27, 2018

These are my Black Crane carpenter pants. They remind me a lot of the Elizabeth Suzann andy pants, although I haven't seen those in person before. But they've got pleats and a nice taper and crop. Full disclosure, I wear these as pajamas bottoms more often than real bottoms.




June 28, 2018

A work from home day. Comfortable linen clyde pants and an easy tee.




June 29, 2018

Felt classy and fierce in this getup! The Rachel Comey lure pants are lightweight enough to wear most summer days without making me feel as though I'm dying. I'm a big fan of how they look with my new-to-me vintage Coach belt. This evening after I packed my bag in preparation for our vacation to Colorado and Ohio, I decided I needed to make a shirt to bring with me. No time like the night before a trip to bust out the sewing machine!




June 30, 2018

Travel day! Today we flew to Colorado to spend a few days hiking in Vail with some family. This outfit did not disappoint in the comfort and ease department. Look at my huge suitcase! It's full of things you will see in the coming days...


Saturday night

July 1, 2018

Vacation Day 1 - evening. This was the first time I saw my fave Lauren Manoogian sweater with my new haircut and it did not disappoint. I felt STUNNING. Literally just threw it on over my travel outfit and BOOM. Loving the monochrome neutrals.



July 2, 2018

Vacation Day 2. I'll spare you my hiking outfit from earlier and instead give you THIS, the debut of the me-made top I decided to sew the night before our trip! I'm mostly happy with how it turned out. Enough so to wear it multiple times on this trip! Love the structure of the linen and how it sits on top of my clyde pants.

Tons of good outfits this week! Still riding high on my new haircut. I feel very chic.

Packing for our trip to Colorado and Columbus was challenging because it covered a lot of different scenarios — hot and cold, casual and formal. I ended up with a giant suitcase, and once it was mostly full, I thought what the hell, and added a few more things. In this case it was better to be prepared than to pack light. 

Interestingly though, I found that I wore my flax linen clydes at some point almost every day! They were the real MVP. More vacation outfits coming soon in the next Outfit of the Day Recap installment!