MAR 19–25, 2018


March 19, 2018

Wearing this Everlane square tee with Rachel Comey lure pants with these old two-piece burgundy flats. Something about matching my burgundys is making me feel very on top of style today! I like how the square tee blooms out from the paperbag top on the pants too. It's finally warm enough that I went for bare feet and lightweight denim instead of the string of dreary skinny-jeans-only days last week and it's making me feel OK with life.




March 20, 2018

More bare ankles! Feel the spring! Boxy Amour Vert stripe tee over skinny jeans, sort of basic but with movement. This is my winter cropped black cardigan. I have a similar one for when it really warms up outside. They layer so well over... anything basically. The crop keeps it minimal with the focus on the thing it's layered over.




March 21, 2018

I wore this sweater with skinny jeans last week and felt sooo boring and uninspired. Today with wide leg Caron Callahan jeans it feels so much more exciting. A statement pant can really carry an outfit without being wild and over the top. Here, there's just enough unexpected volume in the bottom that the crew neck, solid sweater doesn't have to say much, just needs to be there to balance out the pants.



March 22, 2018

Another more-inspired version of a basic sweater. Another Everlane sweater, this is the cropped v-neck that I like to wear backwards. It's gotten a little chillier over the course of the week so instead of letting the triangle of back show, I've layered the sweater over a boxy sleeveless stripe top. Now there's a cool triangle of stripes showing at the neckline and in the back view. I like how the boxy tank falls nicely out of the bottom of the boxy sweater. It's the real version of all the faux-shirttail tops from the past few years. And finally, 




March 23, 2018

Wide leg jeans again because I wanted to wear this sweater tucked in to something more exciting. I love how these jeans make basically anything look good.



March 24, 2018

So after my Blousy Trou post, I tracked down these Wray Fielding pants in my size for half-price on eBay and purchased with some PayPal balance I had built up. This is the sweater I imagined wearing them with most and it lives up to my mental image. I love the full dolman sweater blooming out from the nipped waist of the pants, which bloom out downwards as well. They're definitely very cropped and the fabric is a lightweight cotton blend, which means they will probably stay a summer pant. But I love the color and unique silhouette and I think they'll do very well in my closet.



March 25, 2018

Also in new acquisitions this week... the thing I DID buy, the Lauren Manoogian entrelac sweater. I love it. It's even more gorgeous than in photos and is like wearing a nice heavy cloud. It definitely feels substantial! I think there's going to be a few more cold days this month before I will have to pack this away until fall!



So that Lauren Manoogian sweater, haha. After writing about not buying the sweater, I bought it. Talking through all the qualities that I admired as well as imagining how I could wear it in my closet convinced me that it was something I did want to add to my wardrobe. Shout out to LM customer service for pointing me in the direction of a boutique that had one more of these beauties in stock (and I asked, when they're gone are they gone? Yes, they are gone).

The only thing keeping me from it was how pricey is was. But I checked in with R on the shared clothing budget this year and made the decision to go for it. It's a lot to spend on a single thing this early in the year, but weighing that cost made me take a closer look at my collection of sweaters and think about how this sweater would compliment and augment what I currently wear.

This is kind of what I'm talking about when I say things like, spend more on a single nice thing vs. less but across a few ill-considered things. To be clear, what I mean is: spend a bigger percentage of your budget, not necessarily a bigger $ amount of money — this can work for any size budget. For me, this purchase represents a decent size chunk of the yearly budget, but damn if it isn't beautiful, functional, stylish, and fills a gap in my wardrobe that no other sweater did. And I love it.

Slowly but steadily I'm selling items from my closet that haven't made the cut, so the cost and quantity is offset somewhat. It's a balancing act in more ways than one. I have set a pretty high bar for what I will have left to spend on any of my other closet additions this year. There are a number of items/garments I'm looking to add, but I will need to do so very carefully, having made a big choice on this sweater. 

So that's kind of what moderation means to me — carefully considering purchases and allowing yourself to make just a few key choices rather than many lesser ones, all while continuously keeping track of what needs to go and what can stay. I'm looking at the long-term here — my wardrobe will get along just fine if I don't end up finding THE perfect nude block heel sandal this season. I got along fine without it last year, after all. And if there isn't room in the budget, that's fine too. 

Have you ever taken the plunge on a pricey wardrobe addition? Was it worth it? Did you stick to your budget in the end?