MAR 26–APR 1, 2018


March 26, 2018

Here it is, the Lauren Manoogian sweater. I'm wearing a fitted top underneath that I've allowed to peek out, which adds a little dimension and foundation to the sweater. The sleeves on the sweater are very roomy but taper to just the right width to allow me to push them up to my elbow for things like hand-washing without fear of soiling the sleeve. With this being white, I will need to take extra care not to rub the sleeves on random surfaces. It's that kind of soiling more than blatant stains that make white look dingier than it should. This might be the last time I get to wear this sweater til the fall but that's OK! I'm so happy with it. It's like wearing a blanket, both in weight and warmth. Just what I needed all winter, haha.




March 27, 2018

Classic Kotn turtleneck (love this top so much) with the Caron Callahan wide legs and Nisolo boots. Just an easy, go-to look for when I'm tired of skinny jeans.


Tuesday night

March 27, 2018

Here's what I look like most nights. I'm all about comfort when I walk in the door after work. Bra comes off, t-shirt goes on. The sweatpants were my mom's. I wear them as my comfy home clothes and PJs now. I strongly believe in getting ready for bed as soon as possible when you come home for the evening. That way it's so much less stress when it's actually time for bed!



March 28, 2018

Full disclosure, these are the pants I purchased half price on eBay to be a summer trouser, but I'm having doubts. They are sooo cropped. I'm just not sure if they are the right pant. No returns, so I think I'll try wearing them a few more times before making any decisions on reselling. I love the color but there's just something about them that isn't quite right. I can't put my finger on it. It might be the length or the fabric, which unfortunately picks up and retains cat hair pretty well. We shall see.



March 29, 2018

Work from home day! Super basic look. I didn't even wear these shoes because I wasn't leaving the house, I just put them on for the outfit of the day picture, haha. These jeans are a new acquisition from Poshmark — they're the Madewell curvy fit high rise skinny jeans. I'm planning on selling my current pair of regular fit skinny jeans so it's an even swap. After both my sisters raved about the curvy fit, I tracked down a pair secondhand and am really happy with them. You probably wouldn't look at me and say "curvy," but my hips are much wider than my waist and the tailoring on these pants finally takes that into account. The rise is just a little higher than the old pair, so I feel like I can finally tuck things in and not look off. Right now I'm a big fan of the casual front tuck, which I hope doesn't look as bad as I remember the front tuck looked in 1999.


Thursday night

March 29, 2018

Went out to meet friends who were in town for a baseball game, so I changed into sneakers and a colorful top for a bit of a sportier, more thoughtful look. I'm a big fan of denim on denim. This jean jacket I picked up at a thrift store in Buffalo, New York circa 2010. It's originally from the Gap. 



March 30, 2018

Another front tuck and sneakers look with the curvy fit jeans! I'm also a fan of the dark wash on these jeans. My old pair were less dark and more bright blue, you can see in Monday's picture. I hope these don't fade too too much. This top is a hand-me-down from one of my very stylish aunts. It's super boxy but still has somewhat fitted sleeves, which I always think helps make a boxy cut look more intentional and less like you're just wearing the wrong size.



March 31, 2018

Shoes aside, this is a complete outfit repeat (See: March 19, 2018). I love this outfit. Something about the cut of this Everlane square tee is just the right width to blouse out from these high-waist Rachel Comey jeans. I've rolled up the cuff on the jeans to show a little more ankle, and I really like the look with the rose tan block heels. The associate who helped me in the Warby Parker complimented this outfit. I've arrived!



New sweater and two new pairs of pants this week. Whew! The sweater is an absolute win. The burgundy Wray trousers I'm on the fence over but will wear them some more to see if I come around. The curvy fit jeans are amazing and will be replacing my regular fit skinnies, which I'll attempt to resell since Poshmark has a pretty good market for Madewell garments. It can be so hit or miss on there, some brands do well while others languish.

I've been reading Renee's new blog Goblin Shark and really identified with her post on envy and the minimalist wardrobe. She touches on the disparity between the ideal of having fewer things and the trap of the desire to have the "right" fewer things. I can definitely get caught in the pattern she describes of scrolling through Instagram and liking things, desiring things. It can feel like an uphill battle, like if only I have those "it" pants or that "it" dress, my wardrobe will be complete.

Under most circumstances, I'm not naïve enough to believe that getting that one thing will solve all my wardrobe problems. I don't really even think my wardrobe has "problems." But by documenting what I wear every day and then analyzing it here, I've been able to identify places where I can work on my styling, and places where I love my styling. Recognizing what I DO like to wear makes it easier to wear those things again. I'm more confident in a repeat outfit because I know it worked before. When I feel confident about my wardrobe I feel confident about myself, very me.

When I do decide to fill a hole in my wardrobe, I hope that I now do so more intentionally than I have in the past, when a pretty shoe or interesting design would catch my eye and I'd purchase without really considering how my closet as a whole would be affected. I've sold and donated a lot of those weird one-off purchases so that what I am left with are the things I actually enjoy.

One of my personality traits for better or worse is that I don't want to do or have what everyone else does or has, so in that regard I feel less susceptible to the desire to have the "right" things. The things I do like might overlap with what's popular, but when the prices are so high, it gives me more time to consider a purchase and decide whether I want it because it will be good for my wardrobe or because its what has been deemed "cool." My tastes generally (and unfortunately) run more towards the champagne end of the spectrum, but by trying to keep a more minimal wardrobe, I hope to be able to allocate larger portions of my clothing budget towards just a few really amazing pieces — pieces that I love because I love them, not because everyone else does.

It's so easy to put certain garments or designers on a pedestal. It's OK to want those things. But maybe ask if you want them because you think you should, or because you really do. We all have our own examples of a thing that we maybe purchased because of the hype but then found not to live up to those ideals. For me, the most recent example is probably the Elizabeth Suzann cecilia pants, which I had convinced myself were going to be really good for my closet. I wanted them to work so badly. They were so close! In reality, they didn't fit how I needed them to, so I resold them. Lesson learned.

We're all human! Have you succumbed to wardrobe envy, only to find the reality wasn't what it was cracked up to be? Share in the comments.