MAR 5–11, 2018


March 5, 2018

Here's what my outerwear looks like when it's in the 50s and 60s out. My leather jacket is a my standard go-to. Here it's layered over an Everlane sweater layered over a stripey tank that, full-disclosure, I normally wear as a PJ top in summer. But  it gives an interesting edge sticking out from the bottom hem of the sweater. This is basically an outfit repeat that I've jazzed up just a little bit.



March 6, 2018

Today is the first day of the shower renovation! I'm working from home the rest of the week to babysit the contractors who are in and out of the condo. This is a total outfit repeat. It's so simple — boxy stripey top, skinny jeans, Nisolo boots. 



March 7, 2018

I haven't worn this sweater in a minute. I bought it the month after my mom died — my sister has it's twin in black and gray. It was one of those purchases where you don't know why you like it and it doesn't necessarily fit with anything in particular, but you know you want it. I wouldn't call this sweater my "style," certainly not as my style is defined now four years later. But I still remain weirdly attracted to the hot pink floral embroidery and oatmeal wool. PLUS this sweater is warm! 



March 8, 2018

Caron Callahan jeans and a turtleneck/sweater combo. With the turtleneck and sweater both black, they blend together and make it look a little like one garment. The sweater is 3/4 sleeved which wasn't gonna cut it — so cold out this week!



March 9, 2018

Contractors in and out of the house again today, letting all the cold air in! I decided I'd skip straight to the warm sweater. I saw Fixer Upper Joanna Gaines in this sweater on a magazine cover last fall and I was pleased to see her's was as pilly as mine. 



March 10, 2018

Super basic, but I had to roll out of bed and immediately go pickup and install a banner for work this morning. Everlane sweater and skinny jeans can't go wrong. The pink sweater came out again as a second layer later in the day.



March 11, 2018

Full disclosure, I did not change out of my PJs today. Yesterday I got halfway through fuzz shaving this sweater before my fuzz shaver ran out of juice, so now I look like a muppet who walked out halfway through their haircut, haha. This sweater is a pilly beast but it is very warm. These are my mom's old sweatpants that I wear for comfy around the house pants.



Week One of the shower renovation was exciting and fruitful! I ended up phoning it in somewhat towards the end of the week because I wasn't really leaving the house, and the house was freezing with contractors going in and out and leaving the door open half the time. I started dressing primarily for warmth and ease. 

I feel like the way the cold weather is dragging into March has taken the wind out of my style sails a little bit. But having the renovation going on isn't helping either. Having junk and stuff strewn all over the house and the single bathroom in complete disarray is not conducive to dressing well. There's a giant stack of laundry piled up in the bedroom that I know I need to tackle. Everything I do during the day, there's a little voice in the back of my head like, the lauuuundry, the lauuundry! But it's so hard to make myself put it away when the rest of the house is a mess too.

My environment plays such a big role in my mental health. When my home is not in good shape, it's hard for me to be on top of other things too. I did some tidying up over the weekend even though I know it's just going to get destroyed again as the renovation continues this week. But even a little bit of tidying is helpful to get me centered and more at ease. I just feel better about life.

Do you find that keeping an orderly home does or does not affect how you feel mentally? Does it affect how you get dressed each day?