MAY 7–13, 2018


May 7, 2018

I love these pants. I mean I know that's probably apparent from how I always gush over them. But Caron Callahan hit it out of the park with these. I love how the waist is darted/fitted but then flares out to the wide leg. All of the drama of a wide leg, none of the floofy waist. Also a fan of: not matching my blacks.



May 8, 2018

This skirt is nine years old! It's from a fast fashion retailer and is getting a bit threadbare, but it's always been one of my closet staples. I love the big hip pockets — very Elizabeth Suzann clyde-esque. I love the just-covers-my-knees length. This is like my summer answer to jeans. It's almost a chambray weight, so perfect for hot days.



May 9, 2018

Decided to double down on the burgundy today. Is it too much? Haha I loved it so I don't actually care if you think it's too much. 



May 10, 2018

No working from home today, unfortunately. Was in a meeting with some board members though so I thought I'd do my version of dressing up. These linen blend trousers always do the job.



May 11, 2018

Black silk skirt no. 1. This is the ES bel skirt. No pockets, but nice midi length and a good weight material. Somewhat shapeless, but still moves in a fluid, dynamic way.



May 12, 2018

Black silk skirt no. 2. This is the a-line skirt from Grana. Pockets! A little shorter, and thinner material. More playful?



May 13, 2018

Not gonna lie, I regretted wearing this out on a walk today with my family. We stuck to the shade but I found myself hiking up the front of the skirt just a little above my knees to get more of a breeze. The knit fabric is a little too sweatshirty for hot weather. It's a conundrum because otherwise it's a lovely summer cut! My love for high-low hems continues.



I feel like I'm starting to get into my dressing element. I've mentioned before how much I love summer and the clothes that come with it. This past week was a great string of outfits befitting the summer weather we've seemed to skip straight to. Lots of skirts and linen! One miss on Sunday only because the dress fabric felt a little too warm. 

Look out for a post coming later this week will dive further into the relationship between the two black silk skirts featured on Friday and Saturday. They are very similar but with key defining features that make each one unique in my wardrobe.

ALSO later this week — a trip to Chicago! What are your favorite Chicago spots? I adore the city; it's where R and I got engaged. I'd live there in a heartbeat if it weren't for those darn winters!