My first styled shoot!

This week I thought I'd really step up my blogger game and bring you my first styled shoot. I see all the polished bloggers doing them and I thought, why not me?

For today's shoot, my mom loaded a fresh reel of film in her camera and took my sisters and me down into the barren winter backyard in our Sunday best to get some candid shots of us looking very stylish. Who needs the Sears portrait studio when you've got dead leaves and a nice even overcast light? Special cameo was made by my cat Tia.


Winter formal

Here I am modeling the FW95 floral midi dress look complete with white tights and black flats. Ruffle peplums are so hot right now, and I can't get enough of the coordinating collar and cuff trim. Don't miss the faux double-breasted velvet buttons! This outfit is ready for a night at the theater seeing Cats the Musical, but also looks equally at home on this rickety swing.


Flower power

Let's talk about this blossom hat. I've never even seen the show Blossom! I'm only 7 y'all! But boy oh boy have statement hats taken the fashion world by storm, and no one is more on board than my mom. She has hot glued fake flowers to the front of three unique floppy brim hats in preparation for today's shoot. Each sister's hat coordinates fabulously with her equally on-trend outfit.


Purrfect accessory

The pink flower on the hat really makes a statement on top of the wild floral pattern of the dress. But what keeps it all coherent is the black trim! Accessorize with your favorite black cat to bring it to the next level.


Wild thing

My mom may have styled this shoot but the attitude is all me. You can make your kid wear the fancy outfit but your kid is gonna want to get her picture taken with the rusty chicken wire "fort" she spends her days playing in. At least no one is crying! Don't snag your tights on that wire now.

Thanks for checking out my first shoot! I'm definitely a real blogger now.