Plants + Promotions

A couple weeks ago I received an unsolicited box in the mail from Amour Vert. Inside was an air plant and a little white stand as well as care instructions and a card basically thanking me for being a customer.

As far as promotions go, I'm torn on this one for a couple reasons, and I know talking about the promotion here in general plays into Amour Vert's strategy. Sending the little gift — no discount code or anything included with it, I should mention — is a clear way to get me thinking about their brand and maybe even make a purchase now that it's on my mind. And now here I am talking about it on a blog.

On the other hand, I love plants (although I managed to kill the last air plant someone gave me and I'd sort of sworn them off) and it is certainly an interesting and stand-out way to get your customer's attention. 

If you're unfamiliar with the brand, they make a lot of what I call basics+ — a lot of t-shirts, but somewhat elevated ones, as well as silk blouses and a variety of jersey and silk dresses in a mostly casual style. Their sustainability claim hinges on the fact that most of their garments are made from modal and most are made in USA. They say that for every t-shirt bought they arrange to have a tree planted — where and how, I don't know.

They have quite a large variety of products both designed in house and from other brands, and they add to the rotation pretty often. It definitely has more of a fast fashion feel to it because of this, but the prices are higher — although not exorbitantly higher — than mall brands. 

Over the past year or so I've purchased a number of basics from AV and am generally really happy with what I get. Their modal fabric does pill up but it's pretty subtle and hasn't become an eyesore yet, and I like the different cuts they offer beyond the standard t-shirt silhouette. This way I get the comfort of a tee while wearing something a little different and more interesting than a tee.

I did get really turned off by their aggressive marketing last year and it had a lot to do with what felt like disingenuous, false-exclusive communication in my email inbox. Did this air plant promotion change my mind? I mean, I'm not going to buy anything from them BECAUSE they sent this, but I've certainly left the door open to the brand because I was already a customer and I already liked a lot of what they design (although the faux-shirt-tied-around-the-waist look needs to go and FAST).

I'm aware that talking about this promotion is giving AV a free platform for their marketing, but I thought it a noteworthy enough ploy to mention here, and I'm truly curious whether anyone else has ever received something similar from a brand in the past and how it made you feel. We've all gotten the stacks of unsolicited catalogs in the mail, and maybe you flip through them before tossing in a recycle bin, but I haven't yet tossed (or killed) this plant, and seeing it does remind me of the brand. So honestly, as someone working to get a business off the ground, I have to give Amour Very the kudos on this marketing tactic.

How would you feel if you received a promotion like this from a brand? Would it make you more or less likely to support that brand?

And as a bonus, here are some of my other plants that this little air plant has joined the ranks of.