Queen of the snow day
elizabeth suzann cecilia pants and blanket

Resplendent in blanket, she works from home.

Don't I look like some sort of queen here?? Haha. I feel like I'm wearing one of those regal fur stoles you see kings and queens wearing in renaissance paintings. Layered my long johns under Elizabeth Suzann cecilia pants (size 6-regular thanks to a lucky swap with a fellow ES wearer) and some wool socks with slippies. Oh and the wooly neck tube, because the turtleneck alone wasn't cutting it.

Our home is hard to heat and cool and the heat pump system really struggles when its below freezing like it is today. A heat pump works basically like a fridge in reverse, sucking whatever heat it can from the air outside and pumping it through the house. By the time it blows on you its already chilled again. So here I am, wearing  blanket as a scarf.

I didn't know blanket scarves were a thing until I read something recently another blogger wrote about them. Like I knew you could wear a warm blanket like layer, but apparently "blanket scarf" is legit an item. As I work from home today literally wearing a blanket as a shawl, I have to admit the idea of a blanket scarf I could wear in public is really attractive.  

Even before the splendor that is this ridiculous getup, I'd had my eyes peeled already for a wrap or shawl I could throw on over other sweaters. Is a blanket scarf the same thing, just not shaped? Is it really just a blanket? Or does blanket simply imply its a heavier weight scarf? 

Atlanta has had way more snow days this winter than in recent memory. After a string of mild winters, I suppose we had it coming. I miss the heat, but on the other hand its supposed to be back in the sixties again this weekend! If there is one thing to count on with southern weather, its that it never stays the same for long. So until then, I'll be over here, wrapped up in my literal blanket scarf, keeping warm and stylish, working from home on this snow day 😉