Repairing a hole in a puffy coat with Tenacious Tape

Repairing a hole in a puffy coat with Tenacious Tape

Finally, no down puffing out from my puffy coat.

You might not believe it, but there was a point in my life about five years ago where I spent a lot of time on farms.

It all started when a handful of friends bought some land about two hours away in Alabama. At the time I was dating one of the owners (and convinced I was going to be a farm wife — 😂) and thus began the weekends spent traipsing through woods, feeding goats, corralling hogs, collecting eggs, planting fruit trees, shucking field peas, learning to drive stick shift in a muddy field at midnight, and of course, sitting around bonfires, as one must do on a farm. 

I truly enjoyed my time outdoors and cherish so many memories with friends out on the farm. But the beautiful wool coat I bought when I got my big girl job in Birmingham wasn't cutting it, not only because I didn't want to get it filthy, but also because being out in the country means when it's cold it's fucking cold. The same January night in a city is easily five or ten degrees warmer than in the middle of nowhere (the urban heat island effect).

So in anticipation of a lot of cold nights and mornings on the farm (by the way, I was literally sleeping in a barn and had to go inside the house to use the bathroom) I bought this puffy coat on super sale from Land's End. It's the kind of coat that feels like a big marshmallow, it swallows you up and keeps you toasty. 

One freezing night, as we sat in mismatched lawn chairs around a fire of the day's brush and refuse, an errant spark floated up and landed on the sleeve of my coat, burning a jagged little hole through the nylon. In the intervening years, I kept a rotating array of tape and stickers over the little burn hole, each one lasting days or weeks at a time before peeling off, little fluffy white feathers puffing out in their wake. When I went on a trip to Antarctica with my dad and sisters, the tape I so lovingly put over the hole came off in the airport in Argentina. Ever the resourceful traveller, I slapped my baggage claim tag over the hole for the remainder of the trip. The claim tag sticker actually laster longer than any of the tape I ever put on here!

Finally — finally — after years of this charade, I hit up R.E.I. this weekend and bought a roll of tenacious tape. After years of staunching this dumb hole, the repair is almost anti-climactic. You just wipe down the offending area of nylon with alcohol, let dry, cut out a circle of tape, and apply. But here it is, in all it's repaired glory. I went with black tape, and you can see that it blends in pretty darn well from a distance.

So here is to repairing what we have! Lord knows I have a long list of other items needing repairs, but those are for another day. What do you have on your repair list?