Review: WORON Bodysuit

Busy weekend.

On Saturday we supervised a gutter installation on our condo building (did I mention R and I are now co-president of our HOA?), took the recycling to Center for Hard to Recycle Materials, aka CHaRM, and attended not one but three parties (a 2nd birthday, Cinco de Mayo, and a 50th birthday), in that order.

Oh and I rolled my ankle something fierce at the recycling center. I have clinically diagnosed Loosey Goosey Ankles, which means I'll be wearing completely sensible shoes, walking on a flat surface, minding my own business and pop, my left ankle just gives out. Just a sudden smarting as the ankle rolls to the side. Woof. This one was pretty bad, but after catching my breath, I was able to limp efficiently enough through the rest of the day, where I set my record for most number of parties attended in a ten hour period. 


Needless to say, we took it easy on Sunday. Breakfast at Julianna's Crepes (get the Farmer's Special with hot sauce), then a chill afternoon tidying, doing laundry, and gently bouncing around the house while R went to the grocery store. And because I clearly didn’t get my fill of carby breakfast food at Juliannas’s, I made mini pancakes for dinner with some leftover party supplies: swiss/proscuitto, and blueberry/strawberry/goat cheese.

Pro-tip: if you buy prosciutto from a deli, for best results, ask for it to be sliced very thin and layered between tissue. The tissue between slices is key, otherwise you end up with a big sweaty block of proscuitto.

In between the laundry and pancakes I managed to put together some more thoughts on the WORON tank bodysuit I introduced last week. I took a few more photos with the bodysuit and tried out some shoes and accessories to show how versatile it can be. And since I don’t plan on parading around pantsless on the internet — no, not even for y’all — I put together a little illustration featuring a bunch of measurements that gives you an idea of what the full suit looks like, snap crotch included.

WORON tank bodysuit, size small.

WORON tank bodysuit, size small.

This bodysuit is officially called 2nd skin bodysuit THE-ONE BASE. The fabric content is 90% Modal, 10% Elastane.

One caveat: I took the following measurements from a garment that I've already washed and worn many times. It's possible there has been some stretching or shrinkage. Please refer to WORON customer service to confirm sizing.

On a size small, I measured:

  • Armpit to armpit across bust ▵ 14"

  • Across smallest part of waist ▵ 12.75"

  • Across hip at the leg opening ▵ 14.75

  • From shoulder to armpit ▵ 8.5"

  • From shoulder to crotch (straps shortened all the way) ▵ 28.5"

  • From hip to crotch ▵ 9"

I've styled the bodysuit below with yellow Rothy's point flats and the windowpane shorts I made to match my windowpane top (see previous post). These shorts are sewn from a vintage pattern with the same Essex yarn-dyed linen/cotton fabric as the tank top. They are undeniably blousy and a wee bit oversized, and as such, it's easy for them to fall into frump country. So I shortened the inseam by cuffing the hem three times to counteract frump vibes. The structured but breezey shorts are a fun contrast to the snug bodysuit underneath.


And that windowpane pattern! I can't get enough.  You can't go wrong wearing a monochrome plaid with solid black or grey, or white for that matter. The yellow shoes are that extra zing to give it some opposing interest.

The fabric of the WORON bodysuit itself has a lot of stretch without being tight or compressing. It's a very soft modal material but after many washes I am starting to see some minor pilling develop, the very small kind that is not easy to fuzz-shave because it's so fine. It's not hideous or anything, but worth noting.

Honestly unless you get modal garments dry cleaned I think there's no way to avoid pilling altogether. It's just what happens with wear. You can mitigate it somewhat by washing on delicate (or hand wash) and hang drying instead of using a dryer. Putting modal in a dryer is a one way ticket to Pill Town.

But I digress. 

God I need a haircut.

God I need a haircut.

Above, I added a floral scarf that belonged to my mom. This is probably my favorite of her scarves and one of the most appreciate of all the things I have from her. It's just undeniably Her. It's colorful and drapey, the fringe delicate and soft. It gets a lot of wear because of how easy it is to throw on with anything all year round. I like especially how the floral contrasts with the windowpane pattern on the shorts. Such a cool pattern combo. Unusual but complimentary. This is Example #1 of how you can keep a neutral wardrobe but spice things up with accessories.


If the yellow shoes and bright scarf was too much for you, I toned it down a little by swapping out the yellow Rothy's for my Everlane day heels in rose tan (affiliate link here). I'm a huge fan of how the color of the shoes — neutral but not just beige — really make my legs seem longer.

Unfortunately, I got the day heels probably a half size too small, and as such, they are not great to wear for long stretches. I bought them in a 9 and expected them to give a bit since the leather is so thin and the back has elastic. But in reality my toes have always been just a little too snug and the elastic will get painful after many hours in these. I'm always keeping my eye out for a secondhand pair of rose tan day heels in a 9.5 or 10 though because I do really appreciate the color and style.

Subtle floral texture, subtle modal pilling, subtle lint.

Subtle floral texture, subtle modal pilling, subtle lint.

For my last trick, I traded the colorful floral scarf for another one of my mom's, a black synthetic chiffon scarf with monochrome velvet burnout flowers. I appreciate the subtly of this pairing of pattern and texture. It's is a great example of how texture can really add character to a monochrome look.

Note: I did not wear a bralette in any of these photos, so you can see the straps of the bodysuit clearly. Also I skipped lint rolling, so the lint you see pictured is an accurate depiction of what sticks to this fabric. Overall it's not too sticky.

To wrap things up, here's a shot of the shorts and bodysuit from behind, paired with my pale honey Nisolo Serena sandals (affiliate link here) to match my pale honey legs.


I'm in love with this look, and it’s so comfortable to wear too. Any questions I missed on the WORON bodysuit?  Pipe up in the comments.

This post contains clearly marked affiliate links to Nisolo and Everlane. If you follow those links and end up purchasing, I may earn a small commission.