Rings I Wear

Rings I Wear

The ring on the right is my mom's engagement ring. She got married in 1969, but had the diamond reworked into this setting sometime later. My mom wore many (many many) rings, but this was always my favorite, sweet and delicate.

When she died, my sisters and I spread out all her jewelry on the kitchen table and took turns choosing what to keep. This was my first choice.

The band in the middle is my great grandma Grace Ethel's wedding ring. It's nearly 100 years old. I have her name too - Grace.

When I was engaged, I had this band resized to fit my left ring finger, intending to wear it as my own wedding band. It was no easy feat because it's a 22k antique with special imprints on the inside. Almost immediately though I regretted my decision. I didn't like how it looked next to my engagement ring at all. I had it sized back and bought a skinny gold band to wear instead. I like it better where it is now.

The infinity knot ring on the left is identical to two others I gifted to my sisters on my wedding day in 2016. Since we lost our mom, we are more closely tied than ever. I wear it always.