Shower Renovation Day 1: Demo

Frustrated. Agitated. That's how I feel after day one of our shower renovation. 

I need to remind myself that when this is all over we'll have a beautiful, functional, (watertight) shower to show for it. Right now (or yesterday, rather) we have a shower/tub combo in our only bathroom. We'll be replacing it with a tiled walk-in shower. In the four years we've lived in our condo, the bathtub has been used as a bathtub ONCE. Otherwise, it's used for showering and for hosing down my houseplants. With a walk-in design, both of those functions will become easier. Additionally, the grout and tile has begun to fail, allowing water in between the cracks.

I've been working on this redesign for literally years, and this is the year we finally decided to take the plunge and do the work. We wanted to also revamp the vanity cabinet to create more storage and to house the kitty litter boxes, but that would have pushed us over what we budgeted for the renovation so it will have to wait (I feel bitter every time I stoop down to clean the litter boxes).

So today the contractor came and began demo. It was raining and ucky outside but honestly it wasn't that much better inside, where we discovered delightful things behind the walls and ceiling. Things like the cigarette butts the builder had kindly disposed of behind the bump out. And extensive water damage under the window which will require repair (we suspected there would be as much). And the crown jewel: a giant bird's nest in the cavity between the ceiling and the roof — aaaand a requisite mummified baby bird, relic of the summertime when a family of birds could be heard chirping above the shower every hour of the day.

Not pictured, for your benefit: mummified baby bird

Not pictured, for your benefit: mummified baby bird

The ceiling/roof of our building is commercial grade corrugated metal, and the siding was poorly installed, so there are huge gaps all along the joint where the roof should meet the walls. The bathroom has a dropped drywall ceiling, and so it is in the cavity between the interior ceiling and the roof where the birds have enjoyed nesting for a couple years now. We knew it was a thing but are now able to see just how extensive the intrusion was. And of course now we have to go back in and spray foam insulation along the giant gaps so our birdy friends aren't tempted to move back in. 

It's just one of many things that are bizarre, corner-cutted, or just plain not up to code in the condo building we live in, but we expected to run into these kinds of things. Based on our neighrbors' experiences with past renovations, there's probably more to come! 

I can deal with that kind of thing. But what really got me today was that, on top of the shit we found behind our walls, the tile we need for the project is still undelivered. I spent part of my day back and forth with different freight carriers AND the vendor of the tile, trying to get a hold of the tile. It was mis-delivered to VIRGINIA last week and before getting rerouted to Georgia. Then it comes to light today that they are unprepared to deliver the tile in the delivery window it was scheduled for this afternoon because

  1. after the tile was misdelivered, important info was not passed on to the new carrier
  2. the delivery driver did not have the proper means to get 400 pounds of tile up two flights of stairs which they didn't know about until I called (see no. 1)
  3. they weren't even "authorized" to take the tile up stairs.
I shudder thinking about how long these have lurked behind our walls.

I shudder thinking about how long these have lurked behind our walls.

Now the lady at the first freight carrier promised she'd leave a note on the desk of the other lady who comes to work at 4am telling her to send the email that needs to be sent before the delivery guy at the second carrier can get scheduled to come back and redeliver the tile and take it upstairs. But I don't know when I can schedule that redelivery yet, and in the meantime, we have a big hole where our shower goes so I kind of need that tile ASAP in order to move forward. I don't have high hopes. 

Wish me luck this week y'all.