Speed Shopping at Amour Vert

Speed Shopping at Amour Vert

My #1 tip to expedite a shopping trip and save $$$? Park in the complimentary 30-minute lot. Towing enforced.

That way you’ll be on a tight schedule, keeping languorous browsing to a minimum. No one wants to get their car towed from the 30 minute lot.

So scan the racks. Follow your gut on what catches your eye. Be efficient. Skip the colors you don’t wear. Let the sales associate start you a room.

You get the dopamine rush of trying something new, a quick photo of what it looked like, and then scram — with none of the “Should I buy it now? But I wasn’t planning on buying anything today!” guilt.

Here are some items I tried on at the Amour Vert at Ponce City Market on my way home from work today. Just browsing for fun, not in search of anything in particular.

AGOLDE Jamie Hi-Rise Jeans

Have seen these on others online and wondered what the hub-bub was about. They get compared a lot to the Everlane cheeky jean, and they do look a lot alike. These are 100% cotton straight-leg jeans with a button fly and some distressing on the edges. I tried the 27 and found it good-fitting in the hips but loose at the waist. I’d have to tailor these to make them fit without gaping. The button fly is a little awkward when sitting. Not super impressed but they might be better on someone with less of a pear shape.

Faretta Tee in Desert Blush

1969-12-31 07.00.00 178.jpg

Amour Vert is known for their modal fabric, but honestly I am starting to prefer their cotton if only because the modal, while so soft, eventually pills like crazy if you aren’t meticulous in how you wash it.

The jersey of this top was a medium weight and a beautiful dusty rose color. Could have gone for a little more scoop in the neckline but it’s not a totally constricting crew neck either.

When do you think drop-sleeves are going to be passé? I still really like them and the overall cut of this tee, but surely their days are numbered? Of course my philosophy is to not give a shit what’s “in,” just to stock up while you can, haha.

KOW-TOW editorial Pants and Amour Vert Joline tee

Couldn’t resist trying a sunflower yellow tee with these mustard striped pants from Kow-Tow. I think they were called Editorial pants? I didn’t check the fabric content but they felt like they had some synthetic to them. They were the only pair left in store and were size S, which ended up being much too roomy in the waist for me. I have them pulled taut in the photo. With the colored top it was a cute look, but maybe a little too cute for me.

I do really like this Joline top. I have it in black and it’s probably my favorite plain t-shirt. The slub fabric adds some interesting texture to an otherwise basic v-neck. I’m on a yellow kick these days and am very tempted to add this one to the arsenal.

Flora Wrap Skirt in Taos Floral

1969-12-31 07.00.00 174.jpg

I saw this floral pattern online and couldn’t figure out if I loved it or thought it was too garish. I think I love it!

It’s definitely a lot of color, but the flower pattern is really beautifully done (and I’m picky about florals). The silk felt amazing and the cut of the skirt was nice and swooshy. It did feel maybe a little long, but I could be talked into thinking it was just right, maybe with heels. Or talked into shortening it a bit, at least in the front. Wish it had pockets though!!

Normally not a huge wrap fan, but this has plenty of overlap underneath to keep from being too risqué on a breezy day. Of all the things I tried this lit me up the most. Very pretty. Considering a purchase…

All this and more in under 30 minutes! I still had time to pop over to COCO + MISCHA to quickly browse their new arrivals (and try on the Esby Chelle top; wow is it oversized; the description does not lie).

A strict time limit does wonders for decision making. Normally I’m the worst at agonizing in fitting rooms over whether I like something or I like like something. On a tight schedule, I just make notes and move on. And most importantly, I don’t let myself purchase anything until I’ve thought it over more after the fact. This also gives me time to do some research — have already found a secondhand Flora skirt for sale on PM!