Very Me & an MVP

Sometimes I wear a very good outfit. This is one of those times.

1969-12-31 07.00.00 189.jpg

Ahhh, my gateway pants. :-) The pants that got me into thinking long and hard about things I buy. I wrote about them a while ago, but wanted to sing their praises again as I pulled them out for the first time this spring. They are the Ellis pant by Caron Callahan. She makes them in various fabrics each season. When it gets hot and sticky out, the wide cut, drop crotch, and linen/cotton construction are sweet relief. The tailored waist pairs well with a boxy top, like this also-linen/cotton one I made last summer.

Hi Stuart! The side silhouette might be my favorite thing about this whole outfit.

Hi Stuart! The side silhouette might be my favorite thing about this whole outfit.

I just loved wearing this outfit and felt very Me all day long. It’s monochrome but not boring. It’s comfortable; I did not find myself adjusting anything. Sitting is no problem with that dropped crotch! And of course my Nisolo Serena sandals made an appearance ( Nisolo affiliate link here if you’re interested in these sandals; I highly recommend them) because they are minimal but practical and go with everything. I’ve been wearing this style sandal for three years now. This is the second season for this particular pair and they’re still chugging along.

And this top! This is the top I made from scratch without a pattern last summer on the night before I left for vacation (of course). I love everything about it and wear it multiple times a week in the hot season. The linen/cotton blend fabric gives it structure and resists wrinkling better than straight linen. But with how it stands away from my body, wrinkling isn’t really an issue anyway.

(FYI I purchased the material for this top from Stonemountain and Daughter out of Berkeley; they have an amazing selection; this fabric is Essex yarn-dyed).

Next-level matching with the windowpane top and these box-ish earrings that used to be my mom’s.

Next-level matching with the windowpane top and these box-ish earrings that used to be my mom’s.

Spot the MVP hiding here…

Spot the MVP hiding here…

Even paired with high-waist trousers, the top is juuuust cropped enough that you might get a flash of belly, which, while cute on the weekend, isn’t what I’m going for at my office job. So to make this combo more work-appropriate, I’ve layered a slim black tank bodysuit underneath.

So let’s talk about that bodysuit, because I have things to say.

1969-12-31 07.00.00 191.jpg

I’ve been on a bodysuit kick since the fall, in search of the unicorn “ethical” bodysuit that has a tank cut but also snaps at the crotch. My search led me to WORON, a Scandinavian company run by two sisters who bill their brand as “sustainable fashion essentials.” And it truly is just essentials. Their selection is spare and minimal — underwear, sleepwear, some swimsuits — and so is the aesthetic. Everything mostly comes in either black, white, or grey. But despite the basicness, each piece seems to have a more feminine or delicate feel. Like, no ruffles, but maybe a gentle v-neck.

I was intrigued because up until then, the only slow-fashion-adjacent bodysuits I’d found either didn’t have snaps at the crotch (and when you layer it under a sweater, you WANT snaps at the crotch) or were thong cut or made out of polyester or or or. But WORON is based out of Copenhagen, and as such, it was difficult to find somewhere to buy their clothes without paying for currency conversion and international shipping. No secondhand pieces to be found either.

Eventually through some internet sleuthing, I happened upon “sustainable luxury” retailer Rêve En Vert, who stocks both this tank bodysuit and WORON’s turtleneck bodysuit stateside. So I took the $70 plunge.

No. Regrets.

This bodysuit has been an MVP in my closet since the end of last year. In the cold months I wore it under my sweaters like an undershirt so I could have a base layer that I didn’t need to worry about tucking in. Now that it’s hot out, I like to wear it by itself as a top with high-waist jeans, or under a cropped shirt like with this outfit above to provide a little belly-modesty at work.

Good underneath, good on its own.

Good underneath, good on its own.

My bralette peeks out but whatever.

My bralette peeks out but whatever.

What I like about the WORON bodysuit:

  • I like the soft fabric (90% modal, 10% elastane, so watch it on the machine washing and air dry to prevent pilling) and how it clings just so. It’s not skin tight but also not baggy.

  • There is plenty of room in the crotch; in fact this is the only thing I might change with the suit — take out like an inch or so of fabric here. But if you have a long torso, you don’t need to worry about a too-tight vertical fit. No wedgies.

  • It has adjustable straps as well, but thoughtfully, they only have that bra-strap look in the back. The front straps are self fabric.

  • Those tapered front straps also give the bodysuit a lovely soft v-neck, and I love a v-neck.

I keep thinking about adding another one of these to my wardrobe because of how much I wore it on repeat this winter. Like, many times a week repeat. I’d be sad when I had to wash it because then I had to wear a regular tank base layer and fuss with tucking that in. Oh the horror. But I’m holding off on getting a second one for now because I’m trying to be careful about getting multiples of things. Ultimately I just might do it and make it my uniform, who knows.

Bodysuits are for real my favorite right now. Multi-purpose, practical, attractive, minimal, great for streamlining. All the things I want from my wardrobe! Are you on board with them, or should they GTFO?

UPDATE 5.6.19: For a deeper dive on the WORON bodysuit including measurements, check out this post.

This post contains an affiliate link to Nisolo. I love my Nisolo sandals and have been wearing this style for three years! If you follow an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission.