Jesse Kamm posted on Instagram recently about wearing a watch so she doesn't have to look at her phone to tell the time. It got me thinking about my watch and why I don't wear it like I used to.

Well first of all, because the battery is dead. Haha. So I need to get that fixed. But I used to wear it daily and then like many phases, the phase just ended.


The watch I would wear is a delicate gold one that belonged to my mom. After my mom died, my two sisters and I sat around the kitchen table with her entire jewelry collection strewn in front of us and took turns picking out our favorite pieces to keep. The watch was one of those pieces that both of my sisters were like, "This is you. Take this."

And so I retired the fake gold Anne Klein watch I'd been wearing on and off and switched exclusively to my mom's watch. She used to wear it allll the time, with everything. It's a very Her piece. I had a couple links taken out to get a better fit on my wrist. It even has a catch chain in case the clasp comes undone, the watch won't fling itself off your arm. The face is scratched up but still functional.

In many ways, the watch it is not my style — fussy details, lot's of curves and hollows — at least it's not something I'd ever have picked for myself. But I've made it my style, embracing it. Even though the details are a little fussy, it's beautifully made and elegantly proportioned. Something else I love about my mom's watch is that it's solid gold. I hate finishes that wear off. I feel like if you are going to be something, really be it. Don't be fake gold. Be steel or nickel or whatever it is you are. Or else be real gold. 


And I wore it for years, every day. I don't know why I stopped. But as someone who definitely looks at her phone for the time and as someone who can thus get sucked into Phone Land, you don't need to plant the seed twice: I should get that watch battery fixed and wear the watch again.

Just for fun, here are the four watches that I currently own.

The gold necklace watch.

The gold necklace watch.

The necklace watch on the left is another vintage piece from my mom. I "borrowed" it from her long before she passed and it is always a conversation piece. It's kind of lousy for keeping time and requires winding, but it's fun to wear. I once wore it to a costume party. I wore regular clothes, but with the watch necklace, my costume was "Time Traveller" and I owned it. 

The Anne Klein expandy band watch.

The Anne Klein expandy band watch.

The second from right is the Anne Klein watch that I used to wear before I inherited my mom's watch. I think it came from Macys? The gold finish was starting to wear off in places it rubbed but I loved how the expandy band would hold the watch snug on my wrist, and I also really appreciated the square face and minimal styling. Sometimes it would catch the little arm hairs in the expandy bits, but not a huge deal. 

The moon watch I need to move on from because I'm not going to wear it again.

The moon watch I need to move on from because I'm not going to wear it again.

The last watch on the right is one my mom bought me in college. It's from Target. I got it before leaving for a study abroad program because this was back in the day where you wouldn't have a cellphone internationally anyway, so no phone to check for time.

What I love about this watch is the little moon and stars that rotate at the top and the day that changes at the bottom. The gold finish on this one definitely got worn off with use, but it was a pretty cheap watch to begin with. In finer materials, this would be an amazing watch! As it is, it sort of wore itself out. There's beauty in decay, sure, but sometimes there's just decay. But I still can't stand the idea of parting with this one, even though I know I probably won't wear it again. 

Then again, I CAN stand it. I should probably just put this one in the donate bin, right? There's probably someone out there who would delight in finding a bargain rotate-y moon watch. 

I didn't really think about this watch until I went to get it for these photos. It lives tucked away in the back drawer of my jewelry box, which is overstuffed anyway (another post). I wouldn't miss it in terms of not having it to wear because I don't wear it. And I don't look at it really either. It's fun to think about traipsing around Italy with it strapped to my wrist, but if the house burned down I would not grab it. I probably need to dedicated jewelry box purge some point soon.

Do you wear a watch? Do you struggle like I do to keep from falling down the black hole of the phone?

There are some really beautiful, minimal watches being made right now. I certainly don't need to be in the market for one, having no less than four to choose from! But I really admire them. I hope one of you readers has a gorgeous minimal watch so I can live vicariously through you!